Top Five All-Time Roadrunners

Top Five All-Time Roadrunners

Top Five All-Time Roadrunners

UTSA football played its first game ever in the fall of 2011. The Roadrunners have only played nine full seasons. However, the top five all-time Roadrunners may surprise you. UTSA has seen many talented players come through the program. But, only five will make the list for the all-time players to this point in their history.

David Morgan II

David Morgan II is by far one of the most impactful players in the history of the Roadrunners football program. He played for UTSA from 2013 until 2015 as their tight end. Morgan racked up over 70 receptions for almost 900 yards and six touchdown catches in his three-year career. His best season came in his final year. Morgan caught 45 passes for 566 yards and five touchdowns in the 2015 season.  Morgan was named a second-team all-American as well as a second-team all-CUSA in 2015. However, his most impressive accolade is that he was the first UTSA Roadrunner to be drafted into the NFL. He was drafted 188th in the sixth round of the 2016 draft by the Minnesota Vikings.

Josiah Tauaefa

Josiah Tauaefa is one of the more recent additions to the UTSA all-time list. Tauaefa played for the Roadrunners from 2015 until 2018 as a defensive end and as a linebacker. He was a part of the team that led the Roadrunners to their first-ever bowl appearance in 2016. Tauaefa recorded 255 total tackles, 11 and-a-half sacks, and one interception in his three years of play at UTSA. His best season came as a junior when he recorded 62 solo and 49 assisted tackles as well as four-and-a-half sacks. He also forced two fumbles in his final season. Tauaefa declared for the draft in 2019, however, he went undrafted. He would then eventually sign as a free agent with the New York Giants.

Marcus Davenport

Marcus Davenport is undoubtedly the best UTSA Roadrunner football player of all time. He was the most impactful and influential player the UTSA football program has ever seen. Davenport played as a defensive end from 2014 through 2017 and was also a part of the team that went to UTSA’s first bowl game in 2016. While Davenport does not have the most eye-catching stats, it was his overall presence that earned him his place on this list. Davenport recorded 185 tackles, 21 and-a-half sacks, six forced fumbles, and one touchdown. His best season came in 2017 when he was a senior. He recorded 55 total tackles and eight-and-a-half sacks, and three forced fumbles in this campaign. Davenport was drafted 14th overall in the first round of the 2018 draft by the New Orleans Saints. He continues to be a pivotal player in the Saints defense.

Kevin Strong Jr.

Kevin Strong Jr. may be one of the most surprising players to make their way onto this list. He did not have an illustrious career at UTSA.  However, He played from 2015 until 2018 as a defensive lineman and was also a part of that 2016 team that went to the school’s first bowl game. He has career stats of 106 total tackles and seven-and-a-half sacks. However, he played an important role on the defensive line next to Marcus Davenport. The two played extremely well together. When Davenport would get double-teamed, it was Strong who picked up the slack. Kevin Strong Jr. eventually signed with the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent on May 10, 2019.

Dalton Sturm

Dalton Sturm is the final addition on this all-time list. One thing you will notice is that four of the team’s five best players played on the team when they went to their first bowl game. This is no mistake as this was UTSA’s best overall team. They were led by quarterback Dalton Sturm who played for the Roadrunners from 2014 until 2017. Sturm completed 481 of his 810 passing attempts in his four-year career. He passed for 5,775 yards as well as 49 touchdowns to his 18 interceptions. He also boasted a career passer rating of about 135. His best season came in the year the Roadrunners made it to their first bowl game. Sturm completed 169 of his 299 passes for 2,170 yards to go along with 20 touchdowns and only six interceptions. He is unquestionably the best quarterback in the program’s history. Sturm would sign as an undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys but would be released soon after.


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