UTSA vs. Baylor Blowout

UTSA vs. Baylor Blowout

This past Saturday, UTSA faced a formidable foe in the Baylor Bears. Unfortunately, the Bears tormented the small San Antonio school and handed them a 63-14 loss. This beatdown came after a UTSA victory that saw them win in dominant fashion against the UIW Cardinals. Unfortunately, all of the momentum that was gained after week one, may have been lost after this crushing defeat.

UTSA vs. Baylor Blowout

For the third straight year, the Roadrunners accepted the task of taking on the talented Baylor Bears. This matchup is always anticipated for the ‘Runners as it helps develop their resume that includes playing Power Five schools. However, Saturday was a step in the wrong direction. Not only were the Roadrunners clearly outplayed, but they were also outcoached. The Roadrunners were overpowered in every facet of the game. Without making the excuse that they played a far more talented team, the Roadrunners got punched in the mouth and will need to evaluate moving forward.

Being Consistent

Since the beginning of last season, UTSA has struggled to be consistent. The team that was seen in week one was not the same team that was seen this week. Week one saw many raving about the talent of Frank Harris and how he had the potential to lead the Roadrunners to a winning season. Last week’s unveiling of a new offense with Harris at its head left many people confident in the prospect of also competing for a Conference USA title.

The game against Baylor was a setback, to say the least. The offense was not contained, rather it was nonexistent. The team needed more players to step up and be factors. The team’s player of the game was Sincere McCormick who carried the ball 12 times for 87 yards and two scores. He averaged 7.3 yards/carry which was also the best on the team. Other than his limited touches going for big gains, the offense was stalled.

Passing Inefficiencies

Coming off a dominant performance in the Alamodome last week, one would only think Harris could continue that dominance. However, this was far from the case. Harris was kept at bay the whole game. He was unable to get anything going in the passing game. He completed 15/24 passes for only 93 total yards and zero touchdowns. When this becomes the case, Harris runs the ball. But his ability to scramble against the Bears was just as difficult as it was to pass. He attempted nine carries and only gained three yards, which for Frank Harris’ standards, is appalling.

Defense Wins Championships

There’s no doubt that a dominant defense can win a football team games. This why teams like Alabama and Clemson are efficient year in and year out. These teams put as much focus on their defense as they do to their offense and it shows. UTSA used to be a dominant force on the defensive side of the ball, but that was far from the case on Saturday. The team gave up 178 total passing yards and three passing scores which could have been much worse. However, UTSA spent too much time worrying about the pass and not enough of the run. The Roadrunners allowed a total of 368 rushing yards and five touchdowns by five different runners. They were incapable of containing any of the Bears running backs as they gave up more than 60 rushing yards to four different backs.

Without being able to keep opposing offenses off the field, the Roadrunners will not be successful against talented teams. The ability for a defense to get on the field, make three stops, and get the offense the ball back is the easiest way to win football games. UTSA was successful in doing this in week one, but that was against a small FCS team in UIW. When the Roadrunners look ahead to conference play where the talent gets more stacked, they will need to focus on getting meaningful stops.

Ahead to Week Three

Next week, the Roadrunners will play host to the Army Black Knights in their first-ever meeting. This game is set up to be another tough match similar to that of Baylor. Army has a very tough style of play and gets what they need. So, if UTSA is unable to make those important stops, expect another game like Baylor. Army is projected to win and be able to handle the Roadrunners seamlessly. In order to prevent this from becoming reality, UTSA must be on top of their game and bring it on the defensive end. And when all else fails, Harris must be clutch and provide the sparks.

For more highlights from the game, here is a video compliments of WatchStadium.com

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  1. Going into the game against Baylor, it was clear that UTSA was overmatched. BU is a Big 12 team with double the resources of UTSA. BU also seems to have recovered from the many scandals that plague their athletic teams.
    But the size of the loss is what was unexpected. The coaches need to accept their share of responsibility and do better against Army. The coaches also need to anticipate and plan for the type of strategy Army will employ at the Alamodome. (Think about defending the run.)
    Honestly, it’s unlikely the Roadrunners win, but they must reduce the margin of loss to a few touchdowns. Another 49 point loss and fans will lose heart and the Alamodome will be a lonely place the rest of the season.

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