LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Sweet 16 Results

We’ve made it to the Sweet 16. There’s always a level of bittersweetness at this point. On one hand, we are that much closer to crowning a champion. However, there has also been some great movies come off the board in unexpected losses. As you would expect, we had some blowouts, close calls, and perhaps an upset or two in the round of 16. Join us as we provide our recap of the LWOCFB Football Movie Tournament Sweet 16 results.


Sweet 16 Match-Ups

(1) Remember the Titans vs (16) Any Given Sunday

The Titans were dominant in the 2nd round by having the second most lopsided victory. Nothing changed here in the round of 16 as they completely pummeled Any Given Sunday by a score of 88% to 12%.

Winner: Remember the Titans

(9) Varsity Blues vs (25) Little Giants

Is it possible that Varsity Blues could just be the Little Giants if you fast forward the timeline about 10 years? With that being said, the Little Giants are clearly playing with house money making it this far. Their luck runs out here as Jon Voight’s boys take this one, 67% to 33%.

Winner: Varsity Blues

(13) The Replacements vs (19) The Program

Keanu Reaves vs James Van Der Beek. These two don’t exactly exude toughness when you think about the roles they have played on the big screen. However, both show great leadership in these two films. In this one, Reaves strong performance leads to a close victory, 63% to 37%.

Winner: The Replacements

(5) Friday Night Lights vs (12) The Waterboy

Through the first three matchups, all of the favorites have won in somewhat of a decisive fashion. That all changes here as we see the second top-five seed go down. Adam Sandler carries his Mud Dogs to a 57% to 43% victory.

Winner: The Waterboy

(2) Rudy vs (15) We Are Marshall

Notre Dame is the college version of the Dallas Cowboys. Typically, as a fan either you hate them or love them with no in between. That hatred was evident in what was nearly the biggest upset of the tournament. Maybe Rudy needed to be offsides to win this one. Rudy is victorious 51%-49%.

Winner: Rudy

(7) The Blind Side vs (10) Invincible

It can become interesting how these matchups manifest themselves. What an intriguing matchup here for two individuals that defied odds to establish success. Michael Oher’s story from literal rags to riches proves to be too much as the Blind Side takes this one by the count of 74% to 26%.

Winner: The Blind Side

(3) The Longest Yard vs (19) Concussion

For those looking for another upset here, you might want to turn away. This one was over within the first five minutes as Burt Reynolds and company blow out Will Smith 94%-6%.

Winner: The Longest Yard

(6) Jerry Maguire vs (11) Knute Rockne, All-American

Is it possible to have two heavily Notre Dame influenced films in the final eight? Not so fast, my friend. Tom Cruise showed the money to the Fighting Irish in this contest winning, 86% to 14%.

Winner: Jerry Maguire

Elite 8 Matchups

For those of you that have been following our tournament from the beginning will notice a couple of changes as we head into the Elite 8. First, we will be reseeding the tournament and each match-up can be seen below. Also, each matchup will last for 48 hours to allow more time for voting to occur. As always, Each match-up will up on our official Twitter page, @lastwordoncfb each day to vote and contribute to the overall winner of the tournament.

(1) Remember the Titans vs (13) The Replacements

(2) Rudy vs (12) The Waterboy

(3) The Longest Yard vs (9) Varsity Blues

(6) Jerry Maguire vs (7) The Blind Side