‘We’re goin’ to the Natty’: The Story of Logan Wires

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In early October, 16-year-old Logan Wires took the internet by storm when he stood up from his wheelchair to cheer on his team. The young Clemson fan, who has cerebral palsy, inspired many by his strength and determination. From fans, the Clemson coaching staff, to current and former players, Logan’s story touched the hearts of many. After the photo went viral, I spoke to Logan’s father, Bill, about his son’s story going viral. Three months later, life hasn’t slowed down for Bill and his two sons.

The story was traveling across news feeds and television screens when sporting goods chain Academy Sports read about Logan. They decided that if Clemson was going to the National Championship, so should their biggest fan.

Five days before the game, Academy Sports reached out to Bill and told him he was getting three tickets to go see Clemson play in the National Championship. That night, Bill drove the two boys to one of the Anderson locations, under the impression they were shopping for new tennis shoes. Over the loud speaker, the store asked if the two boys could report to the front of the store.

“I looked at them and gave them a strange look and said, ‘What did you guys do??’,” laughed Bill.

The boys were surprised with TV cameras and the Academy Sports staff. Both were given $50 gift cards and were told they needed new Clemson gear. Why? They were heading to the National Championship.

Regional Marketing Specialist for Academy Sports, Aimee Graugnard, was inspired by Logan’s story.

“They’re such great family; Logan, Carson, and Bill. For us, it was just incredible to be able to send a family who is so inspiring. To give them a little bit of time to go and experience that game.”

“As a dad, what you want to do is raise good children, and while you’re doing it, create unforgettable memories with them.  And when we found out we were going, it was just the icing on the cake. We were going to get to finish this story at the National Championship.”

Bill and the two boys traveled to Tampa where they took in all the sights and sounds of the Championship.  What better way to end their amazing story than with Bill and his two boys witnessing the Tigers win the College Football Playoff Championship.

“I cried,” laughed youngest son Carson.

“We all had a blast, it was an incredible experience for all three of us,” said Logan. “I had a feeling they were gonna win because I didn’t come to watch them lose.”

It’s hard not to gravitate towards a man and his two sons who answer every question with a ‘yes sir’ and ‘thank you’, and who carry themselves with more humility than most. But when you hear the story and challenges that the Wires family have faced, it makes it even more incredible.

“I thought it was crazy, I didn’t know what to think at first, said Logan. “I mean, stuff like that doesn’t happen to people like us very often. We were all so blessed and thankful to God for everything that happened.”

Logan embodies the Clemson Tigers’ “All In” motto. Above all else, he embodies what it means to live every day to the fullest and never take a moment for granted; even a moment to stand and cheer on your team.

Main Photo

Bill Wires and his two sons, Logan and Carson, with James P. Clements, Ph.D., President, Clemson University. (Photo courtesy of Bill Wires)