Art Briles Sues Baylor Officials

Art Briles Sues Baylor Officials

Former Baylor University head football coach Art Briles has filed suit against¬†four school officials, alleging that they conspired against him. Briles’ allegations also include libel and slander as well.

Art Briles Sues Baylor Officials

The lawsuit, which has been filed in TexasLlano County, names Vice President Reagan Ramsower, regents Chairman Ronald Murff, regents board member J. Cary Gray and regents board member David Harper as the defendants.

The specific allegations revolve around Baylor’s insistence that Briles was aware of, and failed to report, alleged physical and sexual assaults by Bears football players. Briles is still maintaining that he was guilty of no wrongdoing during his tenure at Baylor, and that he was unaware of the assaults.

The conspiracy element states that the defendants collaborated to keep Briles from landing another coaching job. The inclusion of the conspiracy element might have stemmed from Briles’ failure to land an interview for the University of Houston coaching vacancy.

This is the second time that Briles has filed suit against Baylor since his termination in May. Shortly after his termination, he sued the school for wrongful termination, but settled that suit outside of court for an undisclosed amount.

Whether this suit will follow the same track of a settlement is unclear. If Briles is simply looking to recoup more of the $40 million he had remaining on his contract with Baylor at the time of his termination, then a settlement could be likely. On the other hand, if Briles ever hopes to coach again, doing what he can to clear his name is in his best interest. In that respect, he will probably wait for his day in court.

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