Give Us Alabama-Michigan in Tampa on 1.9.17.

The University of Alabama is the number one team in the country and have played like it in every game thus far this season. They have either dominated or have come back from down big to dominate.

The University of Michigan is the number two team in the country. They have not lost this season and have dominated almost every opponent they have faced. Seeing these two schools face off against the College Football Playoff National Championship Game would be the perfect scenario.

Give Us Alabama-Michigan in Tampa on 1.9.17.

The 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, on January 9, 2017. There are several reasons why Alabama-Michigan playing for the title would be great for college football.

One reason is that the matchup between the two coaches gives fans a good matchup to watch. When a team plays very well, it normally is because their coach is a perfectionist. What that means is that the coach doesn’t celebrate big plays, touchdowns or even game-winning scores or plays. They tell the media that they have more room for improvement.

Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh are two of the greatest coaches, college or NFL, in today’s day and age. Both of them act like perfectionists. Neither celebrates when their team scores much. Saban even¬†got upset earlier in the season when his team was up 35-7 over Western Kentucky. Harbaugh is the same way. He won’t get upset like Saban will, but he also doesn’t celebrate big plays as much as most coaches do.

Another reason that seeing these two teams in Tampa would work well is because each player has a Heisman candidate on their team. For Alabama, quarterback Jalen Hurts has been impressive both in the air and on the ground. For Michigan, Jabrill Peppers has also been played very well as a versatile player. He is stellar in returning kicks, as well as on offense and defense.

Defense Does Win Championships

Speaking of defense, these two teams have the best defenses in the nation. Michigan has given up the least amount of 20+ plays in the nation. Alabama is a master a 20+ yard plays, whether it be through the air or on the ground. The Alabama¬†defense has also done well in committing turnovers throughout the season, as well. They’d be going up against a Michigan offense that rarely turns the ball over.

Both defenses would have big challenges on their hands. If they went up against each other, it would be interesting to see which steps up in this game against their opponent’s high-powered offense.

Depending on which side of the ball does their job better for each team, this could be a high-scoring affair or a defensive battle. Nonetheless, fans would be in for one of the best National Championship Game finishes in recent memory.

The Crimson Tide and the Wolverines met in the 2000 Orange Bowl. Michigan went on to win the game by a final score of 35-34 in overtime. While we may not see the same type of finish, we could definitely see another exciting bowl finish between these two teams.