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Rick Macci: Venus Williams Should Have Been Greater Than Serena Williams

Venus and Serena Williams Wimbledon 2016

Seven-time USPTA national coach of the year and USPTA Master Professional Rick Macci coached two of the greatest female athletes in history, Venus and Serena Williams. Furthermore, Macci has coached other #1-ranked players like Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati, and Maria Sharapova.

He spoke exclusively to the Double Bagel Tennis Podcast and believed “Venus [Williams] would’ve been the greatest player ever, if she had taken advantage of those god given attributes.”

Venus Williams Should Have Been Greater Than Serena Williams

Their father, Richard Williams, mentored Serena and Venus from a very young age as he molded the champion character inside both of them. Whereas Macci was in charge of molding both of their techniques.

“I think if Venus if stuck to the plan. After her debut I was still there 8 10 month months, and Richard took over… The plan was to take the second serve of your opponent and come in a lot. And to serve and volley a little bit. I’ve never had a player go from Point A to Point B than VW, she was like the wind…”

Watch the full podcast interview with Rick Macci:

King Richard Movie

In the movie “King Richard,” a film about the story of the Williams family, Richard Williams is played by Will Smith, and Rick Macci played by Jon Bernthal. Macci reveals what was young Serena and Venus Williams was like to coach and discussed their respective strengths and weaknesses.

“Serena always had a natural better throwing motion, Biomechnically they both did things a little different because of their body types… but Serena was a natural in her throwing movement… But Venus had gifts from above that Serena didn’t… Her wingspan you couldn’t pass the girl… It is what it is; they are both champions, they are two of the greatest, and Serena in my opinion, is the greatest.”

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