Nick Kyrgios Swears And Spits At Umpire After Losing Match

A rough day for Nick Kyrgios ended as the Australian erupted at the chair umpire, Fergus Murphy, during and after his third-round match at the Cincinnati Masters against Karen Khachanov.

(Warning: Video contains strong language)

Throughout the match, the 24-year-old was visibly frustrated at Murphy’s judgment at the 25-second-shot clock. The World No.27 complained how quickly Murphy was resetting the shot clock, leaving the Australian without any time to use his towel and do his serving routine.

“Rafa is playing that quick? Hilarious. Hilarious! If Rafa plays that quick, I’m retiring from tennis. Seriously.” Kyrgios said, referring to Nadal’s usual slow serving routine

“Rafa’s routine alone takes 20 seconds. This is a joke. I’m one of the fastest players…”

Expletives were shouted from Kyrgios as he sat down at nearly every change of ends: “Worst f******g ref. Ever. The worst ref in the game. Hands down, Every time I play, he’s doing some stupid s**t!”

The heated exchange from the pair continued as Kyrgios shouted, “Why do I have to put up with a potato in the chair? Every time!” (“Potato” is quite possibly referring to Murphy’s Irish ancestry.)

Kyrgios was given a point penalty early on the second set for his behavior. Knowing he would get a further game penalty if he continued. The Australian used an excuse to go to the bathroom to break two rackets, leaving Murphy puzzled on what to do with him when he returned.

After the match finished, Kyrgios refused to shake Murphy’s hand and spat on the floor near Murphy’s chair and said, “You’re a f***ing tool bro” before storming off the court.

The day ended with a bizarre and oddly “entertaining” match at the same time. And everyone always has an opinion on whether Kyrgios is good or bad for tennis. Or that we should just ignore him. But it will be interesting how the ATP will penalize Nick Kyrgios’ behavior on-court.

Main Photo from Getty.