Australian Open 2019 Quiz: How many multiple-time singles champions can you name?

Tennis Trivia
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How well do you know your Australian Open champions? And how many multiple-time singles winners you can name in two minutes?

Tennis players get a two-minute break between sets, so that is how long you’ve got to write down your answers. I’m talking men’s and women’s singles in the Open era – so 1969 onwards (as the Open Era started at the 1968 French Open) – and any wins before that do not count towards their total.

Warning: The quiz is for hardcore tennis fans and is most certainly NSFC (Not Safe For Casuals)! 😛


  • Time yourself for 2 minutes and write down as many multiple-time Australian Open champions as you can remember at in that time.
  • The surname of the player is enough for a correct answer. You will get one point for every correct answer. The maximum score is 24.
  • No resources allowed. You can check yours answers at the end. NO CHEATING!

These pictures are not hints but have been placed here to prevent you from being tempted to scroll to the answers!

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11 female multiple-time Australian Open champions:

Serena Williams (7), Margaret Court (4), Evonne Goolagong Cawley (4), Steffi Graf (4), Monica Seles (4), Martina Hingis (3), Martina Navratilova (3), Victoria Azarenka (2), Jennifer Capriati (2), Chris Evert (2), Hana Mandlíková (2)

13 male multiple-time Australian Open champions:

Roger Federer (6), Novak Djokovic (6), Andre Agassi (4), Mats Wilander (3), Ken Rosewall (2), Boris Becker (2), Jim Courier (2), Stefan Edberg (2), Johan Kriek (2), Ivan Lendl (2), John Newcombe (2), Pete Sampras (2), Guillermo Vilas (2)      

How many did you remember? How much of a fan are you?

  • 0-4 = Lost in Qualifying (Qualifying Rounds 1-3)

Oh dear! You should continue on the ITF Circuit to gain more tennis knowledge and rebuild your confidence in time for the French Open in May.

  • 5-8 = 1st Week (Rounds 1-3)

Thanks for your participation. You managed to qualify for the Australian Open but due to your limited tennis knowledge sadly suffered a premature exit.

  • 9-12 = 2nd Week (4th Round)

Well done! You have established some credibility as a Tennis fan but there is still a long way to go before you reach legend status.

  • 13-16 = Latter stages (Quarter-Final/Semi-Final)

Amazing! You clearly are a true tennis fan! There are still a few holes in your Tennis Trivia but you have much potential to achieve greatness in the future.

  • 17-20 = Finalist

Incredible! From this performance you have demonstrated you an elite tennis fan! Use this result as motivation to go one better next time!

  • 21-24 = Champion
Outstanding! Your performance in this quiz was iconic. More performances like this will cement your status as a legendary tennis fan!