Johan Ackermann weighs in on Richard Whiffin to Scarlets

Johan Ackermann weighs in on Richard Whiffin to Scarlets
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The Rugby Paper recently reported that Gloucester academy coach Richard Whiffin will be off to the Scarlets as they reshuffle their coaching system with the outgoing Wayne Pivac. Whiffin is said to be in for the skills coach job and has also previously worked for the England U20s. Johan Ackermann weighs in on Richard Whiffin to Scarlets talk.

Richard Whiffin to Scarlets seems likely

Speaking on the rumours surrounding the move Johan Ackermann stated, “I’m aware of that but I don’t want to elaborate on that. It’s up to the club and David [Humphreys] to talk about it and make announcements if they need to.

“Each individual must decide his own future, where he feels his next growth is and these type of opportunities only come around a few times and you must decide if it’s the right opportunity and at the right time.

“If he stays that’ll be great in keeping consistency and continuity but I also understand that people will move on in life and that’s part of being a club. You develop people to get better opportunities in life.”

The head coach added, “If it happens then we wish him well, but I haven’t sat down with Rich myself so we’ll see what the future holds.”

Gloucester academy greatly improved

Gloucester hold great pride in their academy and it’s down to some great work from Richard Whiffin.

Discussing how it speaks volumes of his work, Ackermann said, “It’s so good to see people get recognition and it must have been picked up what he’s done with our academy and with England U20s and it’s good for him, but I don’t want to get involved in that until it’s official.”

Gloucester still have one league game and at least a semi-final to come this season. Follow the Premiership conclusion at @LWOS_Premrugby.


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