NWA The Circle Squared Recap (3/10/20)

NWA The Circle Squared
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This week, the National Wrestling Alliance‘s reality program returns with NWA The Circle Squared. In a generous showing, NWA has dropped not only one, but two episodes, this week! We will get a look at both male and female talent from different areas of the world with unique backgrounds. This, and more, will be covered in this week’s recap.

Episode 2:

The second episode of NWA The Circle Squared opens with Sean Mooney, who teases a Crockett Cup update to be shared later. After sharing a brief recap of the first episode, Mooney brings us to the studio. Kyle Davis, standing at the podium, introduces our first competitor. Enter Colby Corino, the son of former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino. The young Corino says he has a family, citing his son Orion in particular, expressing emotion over him. Corino makes his way to the ring.

The next competitor introduced is George South. The rough and rugged veteran runs down the fans before saying he never had the opportunity to be in the NWA. Now, he stands behind the “sacred desk” due to his own efforts. He says Colby Corino is like a son to him, citing his past with Steve, but will beat him. South enters the ring for our first match of the recap.

To say that there is a contrast between Corino and South would be an understatement. Corino has not only a ton of fire, as a babyface, but a story of redemption. The former Ring of Honor star had his troubles but it appears as though he is back on the right track. Meanwhile, South brings a sense of history to this NWA The Circle Square doubleheader. His relation to the Corino family only adds more weight to this upcoming match.

Colby Corino vs. George South

After jawjacking with the crowd, South locks up with Corino. The younger wrestler takes control early on with a shoulder tackle. South cinches in a headlock, but is once again taken down by Corino. Following a moonsault dropkick by Corino, South lands a backdrop. South locks in The Claw, which Corino fights out of and locks in an abdominal stretch. South executes a second Claw and hits a double underhook suplex. The veteran goes for multiple additional Claw attempts, exchanging words with the fans all the while. South executes an airplane spin, but Corino is able to get a surprise pinfall victory!

Winner: Colby Corino

Post-match, Corino extends his hand. South ignores the gesture and leaves the ring. They approach the podium, where Davis interviews them. While the fans boo South, they react positively to Corino. Perhaps the most entertaining part of this match was South’s exchange of words with the fans. Though he may not be a spring chicken, he remains quite entertaining in the NWA environment. This isn’t to take anything away from Corino, who was nothing short of impassioned in his first NWA showing.

NWA The Circle Squared cuts to Joe Galli, who provides a Crockett Cup update. The main event will feature Nick Aldis defending the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Marty Scurll, who will put up $500,000. The second title match will see NWA National Champion Aron Stevens defending against Trevor Murdoch. The NWA World Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa will put her prize on the line, but against whom remains to be seen.

Multiple teams for the Crockett Cup have been announced: The Rock N’ Roll Express, Brody King and Flip Gordon of Villain Enterprises, Rey Horus and Flamita, and Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs of Strictly Business. Wild Card Battle Royal entrants have also been announced: Tim Storm, Ricky Starks, and NWA World Television Champion Zicky Dice.

Episode 3:

At the studio, David Marquez welcomes the first female competitor: Freya the Slaya. From Fairbanks, Alaska, Freya says she has learned to survive the elements. To her, NWA is her element. Freya enters the ring before Marquez welcomes the second female competitor. Enter Dani Jordyn, the “Real Me Girl.” She brings out her “Burn Book” before targeting Freya. She shows off a Freya-dedicated page in her “burn book,” poking fun at the fact she’s from Alaska. Jordyn says she can’t wait to beat Freya and everyone else in NWA.

In this duo of promos, Jordyn was the standout. Not only was she confident in the way she spoke, but she had an interesting gimmick in the form of the “burn book.” I enjoyed how she was able to not only tie it into her promo, but her opponent for this show. Speaking of, Freya the Slaya has a sense of confidence about herself as well. The fact she’s from Alaska helps her stand out. She may have forgotten to say her name, but I chalk that up more to stage nervousness than anything.

Freya the Slaya vs. Dani Jordyn

The smaller Jordyn starts the match off quick, but Freya takes control with her power advantage. Despite Jordyn’s attempts to cut down the faller Freya with strikes, Freya continually swats her away. Freya hits a scoop slam that Jordyn is able to kick out of. Jordyn avoids a corner splash and traps Freya’s leg in the rope, staying on said area of the body. Freya blocks an Irish whip attempt and goes for a chokeslam. Jordyn fights out but is quickly taken down by a set of strikes. Jordyn avoids a running leg drop. Freya attempts to lift Jordyn but is unable to, allowing the smaller opponent to get a near-fall. Freya hits a Michinoku Driver for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Freya the Slaya

At the podium, Marquez gauges the fan response. The crowd seems to be positively receptive for both Freya and Jordyn, as they should. This match was a standard small wrestler versus big wrestler match, though it seemed like Freya played the underdog at multiple points in the match. The size difference of these two took me by surprise; Jordyn was absolutely dwarfed by the larger Fairbanks native. It’ll be interesting to see who continues on in NWA The Circle Squared.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed the two-episode format that NWA The Circle Square had this week. These episodes are relatively short, so stacking on one top of the another was very nice. It also provides an extra bit of flavor to the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly offerings. Whereas episode 2 featured a classic babyface/heel dynamic in the form of Corino/South, Freya/Jordyn was a battle of power versus agility. Hopefully NWA continues with this format, as it makes for easy viewing.

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