WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Released from Prison

sunny wwe hall of fame
Credit: WWE

Twenty-four years ago, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was named AOL’s “Most Downloaded Celebrity”. A lot has changed in the two-plus decades from Internet providers to Sytch’s career in the wrestling business. Over the last 10 years, Sytch has gone from one legal problem to the next with the most recent issue sending the WWE Hall of Famer into prison for a year. Combat sports fans are preparing for an exciting March of great mixed martial arts and wrestling events. Fans can visit Betenemy for the latest bet bonus and tips before wagering on the biggest bouts of the month. 

Sytch’s most recent arrest came due to violating her parole in Pennsylvania. Now, Sytch is a free woman once again having had a year to consider why she was locked up inside. 

Losing a whole year

The former WWE and ECW valet was behind bars for nearly a year due to parole violations that related to guilty pleas in several drunk driving cases. In February 2019, Sytch missed a scheduled drug test and a mandatory meeting with her parole officer. She also failed to maintain a stable residence. 

Sytch’s legal troubles for driving under the influence date back to 2015 when she was arrested three times over an eight-week period. In total, Sytch was arrested on six different occasions for driving while intoxicated.

Her drunk driving incarceration wasn’t the first extend stay Sytch had behind bars. In 2013, Sytch spent 114 days in jail after violating a protective order. Unfortunately for the former 1990s sex symbol, she has been on a slippery slope of decline over the last 20 years. 

A WWE comeback?

Sytch last appeared for the WWE in 2011 when she was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame. Her place in the Hall of Fame showed the impact that the diva had on altering the wrestling business. The role of valets changed with Sytch in the WWE making women in wrestling far sexier and in-your-face. 

The New Jersey native got her start in wrestling alongside then-boyfriend Chris Candido in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Sytch began managing Candido and “Primetime” Brian Lee in 1992 becoming a hated heel valet in the southern wrestling promotion. 

Famed wrestling manager Jim Cornette discovered Sytch and gave her the chance to be a manager. Her success in SMW led to a tryout as an on-air talent with the WWE which was unsuccessful. However, Sytch was later hired as the manager to Candido when he joined the WWE as Skip of the Body Donnas. 

The WWE is unlikely to bring Sytch back due to her numerous legal troubles. Despite her former fame, the publicly trading company may see it as a poor business move to have someone with as many legal issues back in the company. 

In 2018, Sytch proclaimed she was leaving the wrestling business behind. At the time, she advertised her services for a farewell tour that was to wrap up in 2019. However, it was cut short by her arrest. There is no word on if Sytch will actively seek a return to the wrestling reunion circuit. 


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