F1 Predictions: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Jeddah) Roundtable

F1 Predictions - Ferrari - Saudi Arabian GP - Jeddah

Will Verstappen & Red Bull continue their dominance in Jeddah? The LWOS staff have their say in the latest F1 predictions roundtable.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit will be the setting for this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. A fast-paced circuit that will keep the drivers on their toes as the fast corners quickly approach them. Red Bull looks to build off their opening season win and continue at Jeddah with a potential one-two finish. With the race scheduled to take place on Sunday, the unexpected is always looming in the background. Here are the latest LWOS F1 predictions for the race winner, the podium, the driver of the day, and the surprise result.


Race Winner

  • Ajanni¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Arturo¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Fatima¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Gabe¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Justin¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Nathan¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Patricia¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Thomas¬†– Fernando Alonso
  • Vincent¬†– Max Verstappen

For the second race of the year, Max Verstappen once again leads the way as the top vote-getter with eight picks. Thomas is the sole person who stood out and went with Fernando Alonso to leave Jeddah with a victory. Based on these picks, Verstappen is the clear-cut favorite to win yet again. This trend is on a continuous path until someone can knock him off his hot streak. Big surprise not to see any Ferrari drivers receiving any picks.

Remaining Podium (2nd & 3rd)

  • Ajanni¬†– Sergio Perez & Charles Leclerc
  • Arturo¬†– Sergio Perez & George Russell
  • Fatima¬†– Carlos Sainz & Charles Leclerc
  • Gabe¬†– Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz
  • Justin¬†– Carlos Sainz & Sergio Perez
  • Nathan¬†– Sergio Perez & Charles Leclerc
  • Patricia¬†– Sergio Perez & Charles Leclerc
  • Thomas¬†– Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez
  • Vincent¬†– Sergio Perez & Charles Leclerc

Regarding the podium finishes, Ferrari and Red Bull oversee the main haul of the predictions. Only one selection was made for Mercedes with Russell making his way to the podium. Surprising that no one else decided to go with another unconventional pick, but knowing how the previous race went, it very well can be replicated to a similar result.

Driver of the Day

  • Ajanni¬†– Fernando Alonso
  • Arturo¬†– Lance Stroll
  • Fatima¬†– Lance Stroll
  • Gabe¬†– Pierre Gasly
  • Justin – Charles Leclerc
  • Nathan¬†– Max Verstappen
  • Patricia¬†– Fernando Alonso
  • Thomas¬†– Fernando Alonso
  • Vincent¬†– Fernando Alonso

The hype surrounding Aston Martin follows them from Sakhir to Jeddah as both Fernando Alonso and Lance Stoll each earning picks for DOTD. For Stroll, he managed to complete the first race while dealing with a handful of injuries. If he manages to stay with his teammate in the front end of the pack, I can expect him to be voted DOTD. Justin went with an interesting pick. Leclerc will receive a ten-place grid penalty this weekend. So, the Ferrari driver will have a big task to make his way through the grid to the front end. I think Verstappen will be DOTD if he manages to lead every lap, or if he has a slip-up and powers through to win the race late.

Surprise Result

  • Ajanni¬†– Lando Norris finishes in the points
  • Arturo¬†– Both Aston Martin’s in the top 5
  • Fatima¬†– Haas in the top 7
  • Gabe¬†– Alonso outside of the points
  • Justin¬†– Both Alpha Tauri’s in points
  • Nathan¬†– Ocon is back in the points
  • Patricia¬†– Another DNF for McLaren
  • Thomas¬†-The Top 5 Finishers finish within 3.5 Seconds of one another & Logan Sargeant finishes in the points
  • Vincent¬†– Logan Sargeant finishes in points

Since Jeddah is a fast-paced circuit, the likelihood of safety cars is a strong possibility. In return, many teams in the midfield could be in line to grab some points if it comes their way. Our staff has the likes of both Alpha Tauri’s in the points, a McLaren, and the rookie Sargeant earning a points finish. Thomas with a solid prediction of a very tight finish with the top five finishers. Hopefully, it brings a similar moment just like Silverstone last season. Vincent continues the hope for the American rookie Logan Sargeant to grab the first points of his career.

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Featured Image Credit: Ferrari