F1 Predictions: Singapore Grand Prix (Marina Bay) Roundtable

F1 Predictions - Singapore

The LWOS staff are back with their F1 predictions for the Singapore Grand Prix. The winner, the podium, and a surprise result.

Following a longer-than-expected gap (with the cancelation of the Russian Grand Prix), Formula 1 is back and ramping up for this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix. Before we get to this week’s F1 predictions, let’s briefly go over the staff’s previous predictions from the Italian GP. Four staff members were correct in choosing Max Verstappen to win his fifth-straight race.

No one was able to accurately predict the entire podium. However, four correctly had Charles Leclerc on the podium with four, but no one had Mercedes’ George Russell in their top three. For the surprise result, it was the same case for the Dutch GP, no one’s prediction hit the jackpot. Justin was closest, predicting both AlphaTauri drivers in the points, but only Gasly managed to achieve a points finish.

With that being said, here are the staff’s predictions for the Singapore Grand Prix:

F1 Race Winner

  • Arturo – Charles Leclerc
  • Evan – Charles Leclerc
  • Fatima – Sergio Perez
  • Gabe – Max Verstappen
  • Jack – Lewis Hamilton
  • Justin – Max Verstappen
  • Mikey – Max Verstappen
  • Nathan  Charles Leclerc
  • Thomas – Lewis Hamilton
  • Yara – Lewis Hamilton

A three-way tie between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc with three picks. Two have Lewis Hamilton and one prediction going with Sergio Perez. Quite surprising that both Max and Charles each had three picks as many speculate that Verstappen could secure his second title this weekend. Is there any last-minute magic coming for Leclerc? At this point of the season, Leclerc will take anything that can extend the championship for as long as possible.

The dark horse has to be Lewis Hamilton. He has won at least once every year since his debut in 2007 and has yet to win a race this season. The improvement of Mercedes late into the season can increase his chances to get back into winning form. As for Sergio Perez, it will be a massive feat for the Mexican due to Verstappen being the sole focus for Red Bull at the moment.

The F1 Podium

  • Arturo – Lewis Hamilton & Sergio Perez
  • Evan – Lewis Hamilton & Carlos Sainz
  • Fatima – Charles Leclerc & Lewis Hamilton
  • Gabe – Charles Leclerc & Sergio Perez
  • Jack – George Russell & Esteban Ocon
  • Justin – Carlos Sainz & Charles Leclerc
  • Mikey – Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel
  • Nathan – Carlos Sainz & Sergio Perez
  • Thomas – George Russell & Max Verstappen
  • Yara – Charles Leclerc & George Russell

The majority of staff believes Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari will continue to dominate the podium spots once again. Although, the biggest surprise from this list comes from Mikey who predicts Sebastian Vettel on the podium. Surprisingly, the four-time champions’ most recent time on the podium was last year at Baku, and Vettel still is the current champion of the Singapore GP in 2019. Witnessing Vettel on the podium one more time would bring along tears for all.

Surprise Result

  • Arturo – Verstappen DNF
  • Evan – Red Bull powertrains have a disaster weekend with 3 of 4 cars DNF
  • Fatima – Max Verstappen crashes out
  • Gabe – Alonso qualifies 4th or higher
  • Jack – Many frontrunners will have a DNF
  • Justin – Hamilton DNF
  • Mikey – Charles crashes out and Max wins the championship
  • Nathan – Both Aston Martin’s in points
  • Thomas – Mercedes Petronas triumphant return to form
  • Yara – Red Bull disaster class

There seems to be a mutual feeling amongst the staff that there are going to be plenty of incidents in Singapore this weekend, including a horrendous race for Red Bull. Although, it has been a while since Red Bull had a blunder of a race. Luckily for Red Bull, they have plenty of leverage to forgo a race if this were the case. Nathan backs Aston Martin’s case this weekend with a double points finish. If a late safety car comes into play, maybe they can sneak their way into the points, in what will be Vettel’s final at one of his favorite circuits. Fernando Alonso has two top-four starts this season, and adding a third would definitely be a sight to see for the Spaniard who is known for his amazing race starts. Mercedes are inching closer to a win and can have the chance to do so if Red Bull can have an off day.

Now that you’ve read the staff’s F1 predictions. What do you think will happen this weekend? Let us know by signing up to the LWOS comment system and give us your race winner, podium, and surprise result.

Featured Image Credit: MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images