F1 Roundtable: Italian Grand Prix (Monza) Predictions

Carlos Sainz Monza 2022
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LWOS’ Formula 1 prediction roundtable returns with writers’ bold takes on what will go down at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix (Monza).

Before we get to this week’s Italian Grand Prix, let’s quickly recap how the LWOS team predictions played out. Last weekend Max Verstappen’s win at the Dutch Grand Prix was his record-breaking fourth in a row. Four correctly predicted that Verstappen would be the winner, quite a safe pick these days.

Regarding the final two podium positions, three selected George Russell to make the podium, and four chose Charles Leclerc to make the podium. Justin gets the honors as the only one to predict both drivers making the podium. As for the surprise result, while none of the predictions came true, Evan came the closest. Once again it’s safe at the moment to pick “Ferrari to have another “Ferrari” moment”.

Now, on to the staff’s predictions for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix:

Race Winner

  • Arturo – Carlos Sainz
  • Evan – Charles Leclerc
  • Gabe – Charles Leclerc
  • Jack – Max Verstappen
  • Justin – Max Verstappen
  • Nathan – Max Verstappen
  • Yara – Lewis Hamilton
  • Ed – Sergio Perez
  • Fatima – Max Verstappen

Current championship leader Max Verstappen leads the pack with four picks to win the race. Behind Verstappen with two picks is Charles Leclerc, and in a three-way tie, Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, and Sergio Perez each have one pick.  Can Verstappen extend his winning streak to five? At this rate, it’s becoming the obvious choice. Could Ferrari bring deliver joy to their home crowd with a win? Yes, they can. However, as long as they don’t have any strategy issues. Or will Lewis bring home the first victory for Mercedes? Although the chances are slim after an expected engine penalty, he will find a way to be in the mix.

The Podium

  • Arturo – Verstappen & Hamilton
  • Evan – Sainz & Verstappen
  • Gabe – Perez & Hamilton
  • Jack – Leclerc & Sainz
  • Justin – Hamilton & Alonso
  • Nathan – Leclerc & Perez
  • Yara – Verstappen & Leclerc
  • Ed – Leclerc & Sainz
  • Fatima – Sainz & Hamilton

The overall consensus of the podium predictions has either Red Bull, Mercedes, or Ferrari drivers being atop of the podium steps this weekend. It has been evident throughout the season that the top three teams consistently finish in the top three. The Italian Grand Prix has brought memorable moments over the years. Can Fernando Alonso make his return back onto the podium since 2014 in Hungary? It’s going to be difficult, but if we get more Monza magic during the race, he can surely sneak his way there.

Surprise Result

  • Arturo – Charles Leclerc is out of the race on lap 1
  • Evan – Latifi finishes in the points
  • Gabe – Bottas top 5
  • Jack – One or both Haas will finish in the points
  • Justin – Both Alpha Tauris’ in the points
  • Nathan – Both Aston Martin’s in the points
  • Yara – Esteban Ocon top 5
  • Ed – Verstappen failure while dominating
  • Fatima – Schumacher in the points

Most of this week’s surprise results favor the lower teams getting both cars into the points.  The biggest surprise would have to be a Verstappen failure. The season has gone his way and Ferrari would love to see a failure or issue shift its focus over to Red Bull for a weekend. Bottas in the top 5? It might be a massive reach. If he can secure it, he can end Alfa Romeo’s six-race scoreless streak.

Now, you’ve read our predictions. Let us know your predictions for the Italian Grand Prix. Sign up for LWOS’ comment system below and give us your race winner, podium, and surprise result.

Featured Image Credit: ANP via Getty Images