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Drive to Survive: Netflix announces Season 4 Release Date

Drive To Survive

One of the most thrilling seasons in Formula 1 history is set to be retold in dramatic Netflix fashion. Drive to Survive Season 4 is coming.

The drama. The backstories. The behind the scenes looks. The interviews. It’s all coming back as Netflix goes lights out on Season 4 for Drive to Survive. Netflix and Formula 1 announced on Wednesday that the new season of the thrilling docuseries launches Friday, March 11, 2022. As the 2021 season unfolded, fans knew they were in for another entertaining series as it followed the Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen battle.

What can we expect in Season 4?

Drive to Survive typically does a great job of highlighting the teams, drivers, and personnel beyond the title contenders. We should expect looks at the all-rookie Haas team of Mick Schumacher & Nikita Mazepin and the launch of the rebranded Aston Martin team as Lawrence Stroll embarks on his five-year plan towards title contention. And it’s safe to bet on an episode looking at the McLaren 1-2 at Monza and Lando Norris’ heartbreak in the rain at Sochi.

Likewise, we hopefully get a good look at Alpine’s win with Esteban Ocon, as well as the debut of Yuki Tsunoda. But of course, the show will lean heavily on the Mercedes vs. Red Bull battle. Intense from the start and with countless flashpoints throughout the season. They could have an entire episode on the final moments in Abu Dhabi alone. It will be interesting to see how the show covers Max Verstappen after the Red Bull driver declined to continue his participation with the series. The coverage will likely come through Red Bull’s Team Principal, Christian Horner.

The new season lands on the same weekend that fans will be getting their first look at the new cars on track. The second round of testing takes place between March 10th-12th and will be televised. Drive to Survive season 4 comes out just nine days before the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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