Formula E: Maserati Set to Join in 2023

Italian luxury brand Maserati to join motorsport as Formula E embarks on a new era in 2023 with the Gen3 design.

Season 8 of Formula E is approaching, with excitement building, in addition, Maserati have announced huge news. Maserati will join Formula E next season. The move comes as welcome news for the series which will see Mercedes, Audi, and BMW exit after this year. As Formula E turns the page into the Gen3 era, Maserati returns to single-seater racing for the first time since the 1950s. Rumors continue that F1’s McLaren will be filling one of those additional voids next season.

Maserati has competed in Motorsports since 1926. The company operated in Formula 1 throughout the 1940s-60s both as a team and engine supplier. Maserati has a storied history in F-series racing. Juan Manuel Fangio won the World Championship in 1954 and 1957 with Maserati. 

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso stated: “We are very proud to be back where we belong as protagonists in the world of racing. We are powered by passion and innovative by nature. We have a long history of world-class excellence in competition and we are ready to drive performance in the future. Formula E is the perfect championship for this purpose and we are very proud to be the first Italian brand to join the fold.”

The Folgore

The move allows Maserati the chance to showcase their new ‘Folgore’. “Formula E races in the heart of the most iconic cities in the world and has a progressive global audience. Our millions of fans will be thrilled to see Maserati line up on the grid as one of the world’s elite electric car brands,” stated Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle.

2023 will mark a new era for Formula E. The Gen3 car will debut with reduced weight and an increase in battery and power. In what is already a hyper-competitive field, the new design should produce even more variety in race winners and podiums.

Formula E starts Season 8 on January 28th in Saudi Arabia.

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Main Image Credit: Embed from Getty Images