Missing F1 and Drive to Survive? Meet Formula E’s Unplugged Series

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Off the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series, Formula E launched a similar style YouTube series as an introduction for new fans.

By now you are likely familiar with Drive to Survive. If not, you’ll want to clear your schedule this evening and load up Netflix! Perhaps you’ve heard the headlines. The show is boosting viewership in the United States, which as a result has helped fuel a second American circuit in 2022. It amps up the drama for the global sport. It highlights team principals and the story, behind the story. Drive to Survive has created the perfect entry point for new fans. The 2021 season delivered on and off the track. Which can only mean season four coming to Netflix shortly will be gold.

Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for season four of Drive to Survive. Previous seasons were released around March time to capitalize on the upcoming new season, so we could be just weeks away from its debut. In the meantime, fans are counting down the days until preseason testing in Barcelona. If that’s too far away for you, we have a potential solution.

Formula E

Meet Formula E. The FIA’s single-seater championship which competes via electric cars. In 2020, the series was granted World Championship Status. While Formula One currently has defined competitive tiers, there are plenty of reasons to love the uniqueness of Formula E:

  • Seven seasons have produced six different champions.
  • Four different teams have won the Constructor’s title.
  • Season seven had 11 race winners in 15 rounds.
  • The series features the video game-like ‘Attack-Mode’ which boosts power for a short period of time.
  • Fan voting grants five drivers an additional power boost for each race.
  • Season eight will feature a new knockout/tournament-style qualifying format.

Formula E will kick off later this month with round 1 and 2 in Saudi Arabia. The Riyadh Street Circuit will host the start of season eight over the weekend of January 28th/29th.

Interested? Check out this short teaser from the closing race of the season.

If you’re intrigued you can find all 15 episodes of the ‘Unplugged’ series here. They range from 10 to 20 minutes each, so you can quickly binge this prior to the new season! After watching Unplugged, or if you are a prior Formula E supporter, let us know in the comment section below who your favorite driver and team is.

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