What Does Max Verstappen Need to Dethrone Lewis Hamilton in Saudi Arabia

What Does Max Verstappen Need
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With just two races remaining, the title fight for both drivers and constructors is on a knife-edge. What does Max Verstappen need to clinch a maiden World Crown in Saudi Arabia this weekend?

How Many Points Would Max Verstappen Need?

The bottom line in Saudi Arabia is that Max Verstappen needs to outscore Lewis Hamilton by 18 points to be crowned World Champion. Although that would give him a 26 point lead, Hamilton could level that with a win and fastest lap in Abu Dhabi if Verstappen is out of the points. If that happened, the Dutchman would be crowned World Champion as he has more race wins.

He currently holds nine wins in his pockets to Hamilton’s seven. If Verstappen is to outscore Hamilton by 18 points in the penultimate race, Hamilton can’t win in Saudi Arabia, meaning it would end 9-8 in race wins to Verstappen. (Providing Lewis levels the points with a win and fastest lap in the curtain closer).

The Permutations

The four outcomes that could see Verstappen crowned World Champion in Saudi Arabia are as follows: If he wins the race and Hamilton is 7th or lower, or if he wins with the fastest lap and Hamilton finishes 6th or lower. If he finishes 2nd, he’d require the Brit to not score, however, 10th place wouldn’t be enough for Hamilton if Verstappen was 2nd with the fastest lap.

Will We See a New World Champion at Saudi Arabia?

Obviously that’s unknown! Anything can happen in sport. After the mammoth season we’ve had, you would be foolish to rule out any further drama in Saudi Arabia.

Hamilton and Mercedes currently have the momentum heading into the weekend, having won in Brazil and Qatar to close the gap to just eight points.

I’m sure all the neutrals in the title fight would love nothing more than a final race shoot-out between these two hugely talented drivers. Of course, if Hamilton wins the next race with the fastest lap and Verstappen in 2nd, we’d head into the final race of the season with nothing to separate the pair. Now that sounds perfect doesn’t it? The ending such a tense, dramatic and enjoyable season deserves!

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Will Lewis Hamilton take us to an Abu Dhabi showdown? Or will Max Verstappen get what he needs in Saudi Arabia?