Formula E hoped to use Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix Layout

F1 cancels Monaco GP

Monaco’s Formula 1 Grand Prix layout was hoped to be used for the first time in Season 5 of Formula E.   Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag wanted his series to use the traditional circuit with the faster Gen2 cars, but the FIA objected to the proposal.

Formula E hoped to use Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix Layout

Only option

“We’re going to do the short track,” Agag said. “The FIA didn’t want us to use the same track as Formula 1 and making modifications to the [longer] track is very expensive. Effectively, it’s a cost decision linked with the wish of all the teams. The teams have said they like the short track.”

“I wanted to do the same layout as Formula 1, but the FIA wouldn’t let me.”

An FIA spokesperson reiterated that Formula E’s Season 5 calendar was released with the Monaco round under “subject to circuit homologation” by the governing body in June. Although it is September, a final confirmation will be needed from the World Motor Sport Council. They will have the final say in whether Formula E will use the longer layout.

A Team’s Perspective

New Venturi boss Susie Wolff confirmed that the shorter layout had the support of the teams.

I was very vocal for wanting the short track because fundamentally for me, it all comes down to the spectacle,” she said.

“I felt with those cars on the long circuit, we would have done 20 laps. There wouldn’t have been many overtaking opportunities and we don’t need to do something just because F1 does it.

Not Trying to Measure

Agag did not express any irritation at the likely development. Also, he explained that he had not viewed using Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix layout as a chance to measure Formula E against F1.

“I don’t think people even notice that or think of that. But that opinion is not shared by everybody,” Agag said.

The Last Word

Although the dream of a Full Circuit Monaco Formula E-Prix has ended, pending final confirmation, they could possibly use it in the future. That could still be a possibility, considering Formula E cars progress year after year. They would just have to progress in the areas they always improve on, speed and longevity.

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