Guenther Steiner To Haas F1 Drivers: Don’t Do Anything Stupid

Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen clashed in the opening lap of the British GP two weeks ago and have left some residual feelings in the team. Hass F1 Team boss, Guenther Steiner, was adamant in instructing the drivers to avoid “stupid” actions on the track.

Guenther Steiner To Haas F1 Drivers: Don’t Do Anything Stupid

Steiner made it clear what he thought of his drivers actions after the collision in Silverstone.

“In Silverstone, we qualified again seventh and eighth, we were in a fantastic position to score points with two cars,” Steiner said. “We ended up scoring barely with one car,” said Steiner, according to a publication in the F1 official site.

“I don’t want to explain what happened afterward… Not a lot. We just concluded that this could not happen again. We cannot throw away points at Turn 1 when we are not in danger of being overtaken after the start. That was the outcome.

“We need not throw any more points away. It’s so difficult at the start to make rules of engagement. The only rule is don’t do anything stupid. Do nothing that will compromise the team.”

Steiner stated he wants a Grand Prix weekend in Germany without “drama, without being unlucky.”

Haas started off the German GP weekend with a good result in FP1, with Grosjean in seventh place and Magnussen in eighth, again demonstrating Haas’ dominance in the middle of the pack.

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