Clint Bowyer Sues Former Team HScott Motorsports

Clint Bowyer announced immediately after the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series finale race at Homestead, that he is suing his former team HScott Motorsports on the grounds of breach of contract and fraud. On November 21st his company Clint Boywer Racing Inc. filed the lawsuit alleging that he has missed more than 2 months of payment from his team. As Clint Bowyer sues his former team, thus marks his transition into Stewart-Haas Racing.

Clint Bowyer Sues Former Team HScott Motorsports

Bowyer is owed more than 1.2 million in unpaid wages from the team. Also, roughly another million to be collected from his five sponsors: 5-Hour Energy, Maxwell House, Peak, Visine, and AAA Insurance. His contract states that he earns commission from his sponsors and from the team since he brought them in to HScott Motorsports in 2016. Harry Scott, the owner of the team, bought his team from Phoenix Racing in 2013. He has made it clear he plans to close the team later this year. Bowyer claims that his money is being used by Scott in order to pay creditors and other legal fees. The wages in question were meant to be paid to Bowyer between October 20th and November 20th. Including sponsorship money, there is a grand total of 2.223 million in total owed to Bowyer.

Randy Poston, a spokesman for HScott Motorsports, told ESPN: “Obviously we won’t speak about the details of the suit, but I can say that overall it is frivolous and capricious.” Bowyer’s attorney Robert Muckenfuss told the same ESPN reporter that “This has been an ongoing issue with HScott Motorsports for some time, we were forced to file the lawsuit after the season because several payments had not been made and we were made aware that Scott was liquidating assets but still not paying Clint. We were also made aware that Scott was selling the No. 15 [car] charter and asking NASCAR for approval to transfer the charter with no intention of paying Clint.” The case is set to be heard by the Supreme Court of North Carolina sometime in the future.

More information will be released as the story progresses.

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