What Is Next For UCLA Football?


The UCLA Bruins are 2-0. That alone is news in the college football world. But after years in a college football desert, it is fair to ask if the recent success is a mirage. Or have the Bruins finally turned the corner after they constantly missed the turn for the last three years under Chip […] READ MORE

UCLA’s Offensive Line Is The Starting Point


Five starting offensive linemen coming back intact is great for a starting quarterback. It’s a blessing for the running backs. But it’s a downright dream for an offensive line coach and offensive coordinator. UCLA’s offensive line is the starting point, with five starters returning, for everything that happens, good or bad, this season. UCLA’s Offensive […] READ MORE

Bruins Holding The Line

UCLA offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Justin Frye referred to them as the, “Five big asses,” in front of the quarterback. He said if they do their job, as a unit, it makes life much easier for the rest of the offense. While UCLA has had to juggle some offensive line positions in Spring […] READ MORE

UCLA Football’s Lessons Learned


As the Big 10 gets ready to open its season this weekend, the Pac 12 is still getting through practices with two more weeks before the start of the season. That means those teams are still in the learning curve. So what are UCLA football’s lessons learned? UCLA offensive lineman Alec Anderson said earlier this […] READ MORE

UCLA Bruins; So What, Now What?


UCLA is still trying to turn pages to put yet another bad loss behind them. As the players repeat from head coach Chip Kelly, “So what, what’s next?” But after losing to San Diego State for the first time in history, in front of a predominantly empty Rose Bowl, the Bruins now face the daunting […] READ MORE

UCLA Bruins; Turning The Page


It was nothing like what happened in Knoxville over the weekend, or the trashing in Tallahassee. Still, the UCLA Bruins lost the season opener in Cincinnati in a fashion that was equal parts disheveled and defective. The Bearcats are an upper echelon team among the G5 schools. Still, it was a winnable game at most […] READ MORE

UCLA’s Success Is On The Line


It is true of most teams. The line is important to the success of the offense. It has been said in this space numerous times over recent months. For UCLA, it feels bigger; more significant. When it comes to the upfront, UCLA’s success is on the line. UCLA’s Success Is On The Line The Bruins […] READ MORE