Jake Dickert WSU Contract Details Revealed

Dickert WSU Contract
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On Dec. 1, 2021, WSU offered then-interim head coach Jake Dickert a full-time contract to be the head coach of the Cougars. 

Dickert’s WSU Contract

Through a Freedom of Information Act filing, we have seen the contract. The deal totals five years and a potential of $13.5 million total. Only $7.5 million of that is guaranteed. The other potential $6 million comes from various incentives written into the contract.

These incentives include things such as $50,000 for a division title and/or a Top 25 final ranking, $100,000 for a Pac-12 title, and/or a final ranking in the Top 10.  Both of those are non-inclusive, meaning that Dickert will only receive the payout for the top level he reaches.

Also included are academic goals. These include a $25,000 payout for having the best public school graduation rate in the Pac-12. It would be $15,000 for finishing in the top four in that category. 

The coach will be entitled to $25,000 if the Cougs win at least seven regular-season games and participate in a bowl game. That total will grow to $100,000 if the bowl game is one of the New Year’s Six games.

If that New Year’s Six game is a College Football Playoff game, the payout doubles to $200,000. Winning a semifinal would make it $300,000 while winning the whole thing would make it $400,000. 

Finally, Dickert will earn $25,000 if he is named Pac-12 Coach of the Year and $50,000 if he is named National Coach of the Year by the AP or AFCA. 


The contract also lists benefits for the coach. These include a $450 per month allowance for a vehicle or a courtesy vehicle from the university. It also includes the travel of his wife and two guests for all regular-season contests. The travel for his wife, daughter, and two sons to post-season games is covered, as well.

The deal includes a 12-seat family suite in Martin Stadium for home games and 20 tickets to all WSU games. This applies to both home and road games.

Finally, for benefits, the deal includes memberships to the Alaska Airlines “Alaska Lounge” and a golf membership to Palouse Ridge Golf Club in Pullman. Additionally, summer camp proceeds will be distributed at Dickert’s discretion.

Dickert’s WSU contract also lays out other terms and conditions, such as life, health, and dental insurance and retirement plans. 

It lays out a scenario where Dickert could be furloughed for as long as 60 days, with a 30-day notice.

The thing that sticks out the most in these terms and conditions is in the section that mandates following university, NCAA, state, and local regulations. It specifically states that “the coach will need to operate in conformance with all federal, state and local public health requirements.” Former head coach Nick Rolovich was dismissed for not following such guidelines.

All in all, it is a good contract for both Dickert and WSU. The Cougars are not spending a ton of money, are getting a great coach and Dickert is going to be well taken care of by the university.

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