Penguins Fall in UNI Dome

Penguins Fall in UNI Dome
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Both teams met in the Spring with Northern Iowa shutting out Youngstown State 27-0 at Stambaugh Stadium.  This time, the Penguins were heading to the UNI Dome, a place where they haven’t won since 1999, but were looking to upset the 13th ranked Panthers.  At the end, the streak was extended as the Penguins fall in UNI Dome, 34-7. 

Some news that came earlier was the absence of running back Christian Turner who was recovering from a turf toe injury.  The Penguins still had Jaleel McLaughlin, but how did it play out? 

First Quarter 

Northern Iowa started its second drive slowly. But soon enough quarterback Theo Day, the Michigan State Spartan transfer found back Vance McShane who broke a tackle from D’Marco Augustin going 50-yards to the end zone making it 7-0.  

After a nice UNI punt by Nathan Murphy which landed at the one, YSU needed a drive fast.  However a Demeatric Crenshaw quarterback sneak and a stopped run is all that happened.  Paddy Lynch punted the ball away giving it back to the Panthers. 

With both Keyon Martin and making plays on defense, the Panthers only hope was to try a long field goal by Matthew Cook.  He nailed the 44-yarder making it 10-0 UNI.  

Youngstown State started to drive down the field thanks to Crenshaw, Jaleel McLaughlin and wide receiver Jorge Portorreal who gained 18-yards off of a Crenshaw pass, but stalled after a 56-yard missed field goal by Colten McFadden.  At the end of one, it was still 10-0.  

2nd Quarter 

With it being 10-0 at the end of one, it was still early and Youngstown State knew that.  However, what was once a close game quickly became Lopsided as Northern Iowa scored three touchdowns in the span of about six minutes.  

Those touchdowns were a Dom Williams 30-yard run, a Bradwick Shaw 30-yard run and a Weston 23-yard pass from Day.  Within the last two games, the Youngstown State defense was out scored by 62 points and change needed to happen in the second half.  The score was now 31-0 Panthers. 

3rd Quarter 

For most of the third quarter, the Youngstown State defense held the Panthers to only a field goal.  James Jackson made a good tackle during that drive along with Martin and Chris Fitzgerald.  

Others who played an impact in this quarter on the defensive side were defensive end Dontae Cilenti and Jordan White.  

The Penguins offense however still couldn’t communicate past the Panthers defense when it came to the run and passing attack.  Despite a shifty Crenshaw pass to Bryce Oliver, it was another three and out for Youngstown State.  

One of Crenshaw’s biggest targets, which got the Penguins driving a little bit, was senior tight end Andrew Olgatree.

Mark Waid would finish off the third quarter for YSUs offense with two wildcat keepers as it was now 34-0.  

4th Quarter 

With the game already decided late, the UNI Panthers decided to rest most of their starters on the defensive and offensive side of the ball, just trying to kill some clock with Tyler Hooseman.  

The Youngstown State defense wrapped up Hooseman in the backfield for a seven yard loss by Cilenti and Vinny Gentile who came in on the assists.  

On the offense’s first drive in the fourth, Crenshaw was picked off by Eric Mooney, but bounced back with under eight minutes to go in the game, finding Portorreal for a 14-yard touchdown in the back of the endzone.  


It was too little too late however as the 13th ranked Panthers improved to three and one as well as one and 0 in Missouri Valley Football Conference play while Youngstown State fell to 0 and two in conference play and one and three on the season.  

YSU Stats

Demeatric Crenshaw: 25-37 for 198 yards one touchdown and one interception.  Rushed for eight yards.  

Jaleel McLaughlin: 12 carries for 20 yards, Mark Waid five carries for 18 yards.  Two receptions for 31 yards.  

Andrew Olgatree: seven receptions for 54 yards 

Josh Burgett: five receptions for 29 yards 

Bryce Oliver: three receptions for 22 yards

Jorge Portorreal: two receptions for 32 yards 

Grant Dixon: one interception. 

Colten McFadden: one missed field goal and a made PAT. 


UNI Stats 

Theo Day: 11-16 for 188 yards two touchdowns and one interception.  Four carries for 20 yards. 

Dom Williams: 11 carries for 119 yards and a touchdown.  

Bradwick Shaw: four carries for 45 yards and one rushing touchdown.  Targeted once on the receiving end.  

Quan Hampton: four receptions for 59 yards. 

Isaiah Weston: two receptions for 45 yards 

Vance McShane: one reception for 50 yards and a touchdown.  

Eric Mooney: one interception.  

Matthew Cook: One field goal. 

Up Next

Youngstown State (1-3, 0-2 in MVFC) will head back to the Ice Castle to host Bobby Petrine and tie for first place in the MVFC Missouri State Bears (3-1, 2-0).  Kickoff for the Homecoming game is 2pm Saturday on ESPN Plus or listened on 570WKBN.  

#13th Northern Iowa (3-1, 1-0 in MVFC) will head to the Fargo Dome to take on the North Dakota State Bison (4-0, 1-0 in MVFC).  Kickoff is 2pm on ESPN PLUS.