Sloppy Win for the Aggies

sloppy win for the aggies
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Texas A&M won their eighth game of the season as they defeated UTSA 23-10 at Kyle Field. The victory exposed many issues in a sloppy win for the Aggies. Full credit goes to UTSA who hung in there through this game and made the home side work for the full 60 minutes to come away with the win. With LSU coming to College Station on Thursday its clear that improvements need to be made quickly.

Offensive Line

The interior of the offensive line especially is a very young group and as the season has gone on they have struggled. In the past four games, including games with New Mexico State and UTSA, they are only averaging 155 yards per game. That’s over 100 yards less than the previous seven games. The weakness has been exposed and teams are able to exploit it.

The run game itself is still producing some big plays as demonstrated by Trayveon Williams’ 47 yard touchdown run. But consistently they struggled at times to dominate at the point of attack to create running room.


The defense got key stops when it mattered but once again had huge problems getting off the field on third and fourth down. UTSA did a good job picking up solid running yards on most plays while adding some big plays through the air. If it wasn’t for Myles Garrett producing 4.5 sacks in this game then UTSA could have made this game a lot closer.

The Aggies offense generally runs at a fast tempo but UTSA actually edged the time of possession in this game. This was down to the defense being unable to stop drives and force UTSA to punt the ball.

General Health

Key players have struggled all year to stay healthy so it was good to see Myles Garrett looking better. The team still has a number of injury concerns ahead of Thursdays game but is actually looking healthier than mid-season.

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