Georgia Vs. Nicholls State Game Preview

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Where: Sanford Stadium, Athens, Georgia.

When:  Saturday, 12:00 p.m.

TV: SEC Network

After a comeback win last week, the Bulldogs come home for the first game between the hedges. They will play against the Nicholls State Colonels.

Kirby Smart’s first game as a head coach wasn’t a disappointment. The Bulldogs took down a tough North Carolina opponent in the Georgia Dome this past weekend. There was no short of talent as Nick Chubb was back to his normal self, rushing for 222 yards, along with freshmen quarterback Jacob Eason putting on a show completing eight passes for 131 yards and a touchdown.

Overall, the Bulldogs looked to be a put-together football team with only a few adjustments needed to be made.

However, this will be Nicholls State’s first game of the season. After a disappointing 3-8 result last season, quarterback Tuskani Figaro will hope to stir up turmoil for the Bulldogs. Safety B.T. Sanders has a lot to prove as well and could give Eason and the receivers some problems in the secondary.

What to Expect from Georgia: 

Georgia will not take this game lightly. Rest assure that Smart and the other coaches will have this team prepared. Smart, coming from being a part of Nick Saban’s coaching staff expects perfection. And he will expect it with this game.

After the first game this season, Smart is going to be critiquing his team to push them towards excellence. Even after a impressive performance by Chubb, Eason, and the defense, there is always room to improve. This week will be that, Smart will look to improve his team and fix mistakes that occurred in week one.

Another aspect that will be challenged this week will be the starting quarterback position. Even after living up to the hype, Eason still has not won over Smart for that number one quarterback slot. Expect the quarterback play to be similar to week one.

Both Eason and Lambert played well last Saturday, making the decision that much harder for Smart and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney. Lambert didn’t make any major mistakes, but he didn’t make any exceptional plays either. Eason, on the other hand, made an effort to achieve a long ball and threw the only passing touchdown.

This will be the perfect week for Smart and other coaches to test out the depth of their team. It will be a great game to put substitutes in and see who will step up the most. Georgia will look at this week as a challenge to make themselves better.

What to Expect from Nicholls State:

After a disappointing season last year, Tim Rebowe and the Colonels are looking to improve this season. After ending the season on a two-game winning streak, the Colonels hope that this season will lead to more promise.

However, even though this Nicholls State team struggled last season, they return 18 starters from last season. This includes quarterback Tuskani Figaro and the entire defense. Figaro could cause problems for the defense, as he is an excellent passer and rusher for the Colonels. He lead the team in rushing last season with 456 yards.

This team will give it all they have while playing against Georgia, and expect them to utilize Figaro. He will use his arm strength and legs to lead the Colonels, and could produce some troubles for Georgia’s defense if they don’t take him seriously.

What Georgia has to do to Win: 

For Georgia to be successful this weekend, the must utilize Chubb again. The Colonels gave up on average 5.3 yards per rush last season, so Chubb should have no problems. The run game is going to be Georgia’s go-to style for this weekends match-up. Chubb will give this defense fits, and they will have their hands full with him.

The quarterbacks are going to have to play good as well. The secondary for the Colonels is no pushover. Sanders will be looking to cause problems and turnovers. If Lambert and Eason can both play consistently, than Georgia should be able to be successful in the passing game.

Game Prediction: 

This match-up will not be overlooked by Smart. He will have his team prepared as if it were another big ball game. After winning SEC Player of the Week for week one, Chubb will have another 100 plus yard game. Eason will gain more exposure and experience. And by the second half, the second stringers will be in for the Bulldogs.

Georgia will respectfully beat Nicholls State in the first home game of the season.


Georgia 55, Nicholls State 7


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