Novak Djokovic’s Idiotic Decisions

Novak Djokovic at the US Open

Novak Djokovic has been an idiot. There, I said it. The World #1 deserves to be deported.

Djokovic should never have been allowed to travel to Australia. He is unvaccinated, and Australia only allows those fully vaccinated or with a valid exemption to enter.

Djokovic should get the vaccination. Most of the other players on the tour have. If not for medical reasons, he should do it if he cares about continuing his career. Djokovic thinks he is above the law, trying to get into a country on a medical exemption that doesn’t exist.

Djokovic informed the world that he had got in on an exemption. How stupid do you have to be? The easiest way to get in? Get vaccinated. Djokovic was not held hostage at any point. The Serbian was free to leave Australia at all times. Djokovic chose not to.

Playing the victim is not a good look. Djokovic needs to get over himself and get on with it. Go home, get the vaccination. He was never tortured. What on earth was that all about from his family?


Djokovic lied on his immigration form. He says his agent completed it for him. So what? You sign it; you’re the traveller. Djokovic doesn’t check what he is signing? Don’t believe that for a second.

Australia should deport him for that alone! Public safety? Yeah right! Djokovic tested positive for COVID on December 16th.

Djokovic then went to an event with children with no COVID protocols in place. Then the next day did an interview with L’Equippe? idiotic.

What happened to self isolating whilst waiting for a PCR result? Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to Djokovic, obviously.

Djokovic, go home. Australia doesn’t want you. You have been an arrogant idiot. Rules apply to everyone, and no one is above the law.

Djokovic’s statement means nothing. Caught out. Kicked out. Don’t have the vaccine? Fine. Don’t try and find a loophole to get in somewhere that insists on full vaccination.

Djokovic is not the victim here. Djokovic is just a fool.

Main Photo from Getty.