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ATP Finals Odds 2021, Betting Lines & More

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ATP Finals Odds Overview

The ATP Finals are scheduled to take place in Turin, Italy from November 14th – 21st. Of course, this event is the end-of-year blockbuster. The best eight players from the ATP Tour come together to battle it out for the crown. And the winner is ultimately viewed as the King of the ATP tour for 2021. From a betting perspective, the ATP Finals odds are certainly looking quite intriguing. At the top of the tree, we have heavy-hitters like Medvedev and Djokovic. But closely following, we’ve got guys like Zverev, Berrettini, Tsitsipas, Rublev, and a couple of others.

Since the event is quickly approaching, we figured it is time to check out the latest ATP Finals betting odds. All of the outright bets discussed can be made at Caesars. And while the odds were accurate at the time of writing, they are likely to change. So, let’s get right into it!

ATP Finals Odds – the bookies’ favorites

With eight players lining up to play in Turin, the pack can be split. There will be the top four seeds that are tipped to progress to the semis. And then there are the four guys who aren’t expected to pass beyond the group stage. For the purposes of this quick read, we will be taking a look at the top four favorites and their respective tennis betting odds for the event.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has enjoyed a pretty incredible year on the ATP Tour. He won three out of the four Grand Slams and lost in the final of the other. Of course, he is arguably the greatest player to ever play the game. And the fact that he has retained the #1 ranking in the world for so long tells you all you need to know. The guy is a true gladiator of the sport, and his confidence ahead of Turin must be sky-high. So as you’d expect, the ATP finals odds suggest he is the bookie’s favorite to win the event.

The odds of him winning are higher than any other player. But interestingly, Djokovic hasn’t performed great at the end-of-year finals over the last few years. In fact, Djokovic hasn’t won the event since 2015, which was his fourth end-of-year finals victory in a row. He has lost in the final twice since then, so he will no doubt be eager to turn this around for the 2021 event.

With all of this said, choosing to pursue the ATP Finals betting odds and wagering on Djokovic won’t lead to a huge return. But this is true when betting on the favorite for any sporting event, which brings us onto the next guy in line.

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Daniil Medvedev

If you want to know about players in impressive form, look no further than Medvedev. This is reflected in the tennis betting odds for Medvedev to win the title–narrowly behind Djokovic. He has enjoyed a breathtaking year on tour. He lost in the finals of the Australian Open and famously won the US Open to stop Djokovic from winning the Calendar Slam. In addition to this, Medvedev has now climbed the rankings to become the world’s #2. Naturally, this doesn’t happen by accident, as he has grown into a fantastic tennis player.

With a big serve, a big forehand, and a solid backhand, he is a threat to anyone on his day. And since Medvedev will be the number two seed going into Turin, he will be separate from Djokovic in the group stages. This is another reason why the ATP Finals betting odds are good for Medvedev, as theoretically, he will have a simple path to reach the semifinals.

Since Medvedev has a very flat game too, meaning he doesn’t put much spin on the ball, the indoor conditions are perfect. Turin is expected to have very quick courts, and Medvedev will no doubt be lapping this up for the entire tournament.

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Alexander Zverev

Speaking of guys in impressive form, Zverev is arguably in the best form out of everybody. He is currently ranked #4 in the world, behind Tsitsipas. However, the ATP Finals betting odds are higher for Zverev due to his form, and due to Tsitsipas’ recent injury woes. To highlight just how well Zverev is playing, he has lost just twice in his last 16 matches, at the time of writing. Those losses came to Djokovic at the US Open, and Taylor Fritz in Indian Wells, who played the match of his career to beat Zverev. The odds are favorable for Zverev due to his game style too.

He has an enormous serve, regularly hitting home serves in the 130-140mph range, and sometimes even higher! When he is serving well, his serve is almost untouchable, and his groundstroke game has majorly improved. From the back, he moves well, he hits a solid ball from both wings, and he can pull the trigger pretty much whenever he wants. This puts a load of pressure on his opponents to keep the ball to a good length and try to dominate the points–not easy against a guy like Zverev.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Tsitsipas is currently ranked #3 in the world. Many think that Tsitsipas could be a multi-Slam winner due to his tenacity, game style, and confidence. He is an incredible athlete, an intelligent player, and he has beaten all of the big boys during his time. This includes Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic, so he isn’t afraid of competing against the best in the world. Tsitsipas narrowly missed out on beating Djokovic in the French Open finals this year too, losing after leading by 2-0 in sets. We are sure that this loss has stayed with him since, and he will likely use this as fuel to turn things around in Turin.

But as you can see from the tennis betting odds for Tsitsipas ahead of the event, they have decreased below the top three guys. That’s because he has recently withdrawn from the Masters event in Paris due to an elbow injury. Of course, this puts his readiness to compete into question, and it remains to be seen how well he recovers.

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Who we think will win the tournament

At the end of the day, ignoring the ATP Finals betting odds, who is going to win the tournament? How could we go against the man who is in the best form of any player in history? It has to be Novak Djokovic as the most obvious choice, although he clearly has stiff competition. With that said, he has taken an extended break since the US Open. So we think he will be well-rested, hungry for victory, and from what we’ve seen in Paris thus far–he is playing well.

Sure, the odds of him winning the event might not lead to returns as large as others. But then again, we have to take into account the true likelihood of him lifting the trophy. We believe the likelihood of this occurring is extremely high, and winning the ATP Finals would be the perfect way to wrap up his sensational 2021 campaign.

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