Tennis Betting Tips: How to Get Started Betting on Tennis

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  1. Tennis is an interesting sport with close to one billion fans worldwide. Many fans place tennis bets with popular bookies such as Betway. Some people bet for fun while others earn a living from it. Tennis has many variables. But, many amateur punters struggle to get the right tennis betting strategy to make a profit. Here are seven tips that will help you hone your tennis betting skills.

1.      Create a Betting Bankroll

Experienced bettors recommend opening a bank account for tennis betting. It helps you track loss and profit. Also, the bankroll prevents you from neglecting your basic needs. You can use an e-wallet such as Skrill or PayPal.

2.      Note Your Betting Account’s Details

Once you create a bankroll, search for a genuine bookie and signup with it. Record your account password and username. With time, you might operate several betting accounts and forget their logins. Open a spreadsheet for a single account and note your data. It eliminates the need to reset passwords when you forget your security questions in the future.

3.      Record Your Bets

Keep track of each tennis bet you place. It is an effective long-term strategy that will help you calculate the loss or profit you have made in a certain period, besides which tracking bets helps you determine various trends that appear in your bets. Take a break if you are on a losing streak to review your strategy.

4.      Use Different Bookmarkers

Each bookie offers different betting options. Modern technology has led to the creation of advanced mobile and desktop betting apps. Look for betting firms with a high-profit margin. Tennis enthusiasts who bet on tennis with Betway can use Oddschecker to get nice odds for different tennis matches.

5.      Look Out for Free Bets and Bonuses

Bookmakers offer incentives and promotions to new punters. You can place bets during popular sports events such as the Olympics and World Cup. You can withdraw your winnings if you make correct predictions.

6.      Remain Impartial

Don’t place bets based on emotions. You should be analytical when you place each tennis bet. It is prudent to avoid wagering on your favorite players. At times, a player might lose a vital game due to fatigue. Also, you might fail to research on an opponent if you are an ardent fan of a specific player.

7.      Understand Different Betting Markets

Here are two popular tennis bets that many gamblers place:

  • Correct Score: You predict the score of a certain match. At the Grand Slams, men’s matches are played over five sets, but most tennis matches are best of three. Underdogs have higher odds than favorites. Bookies also allow punters to predict the correct score of each set.
  • Match Betting: It is the most popular tennis bet globally. The bet involves predicting which player will win the match. In tennis, it is all but impossible for a match to end as a draw.

Tennis betting provides many opportunities for gamblers. It is important to consider certain variables when you wager on Betway. Understand the basics of tennis betting to increase your winning probability. Also, create a bankroll and an efficient betting strategy to review your bets. Compare several bookmakers to find the best profit margins.

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