Practical Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis In College

Being a student does not necessarily mean that all you can and should do is study. There are many more activities to be a part of in college. You can easily get involved with some sports if you prefer an active lifestyle. Every college has a variety of sports to choose from, that is for sure. However, today we are going to talk about the reasons you should give playing tennis a chance.

Of course, first-year students may object participation in anything apart from their classes, because there are so many lessons to learn and essays to write. Nevertheless, we know a way how to rule such objections out. The fact is that there is no such writing that PapersOwl UK isn’t able to help you with. So, leave your papers to professionals to deal with and let’s play some tennis!

Not sound persuasive enough? Read on to get familiar with all the practical reasons you should give the sport a try.

Minimal Injuries

Some try to avoid sports at all cost due to possible injuries. When it comes to tennis, the list of injuries is reduced to a minimum. The fact is that most injuries can happen due to the overexertion, but there is nothing that a proper warm-up wouldn’t fix. Being active with a minimal chance of getting injured is priceless.

Free Anger Management Session

Getting angry because you haven’t been able to complete your task on time or there is something you do not understand, is normal in college. The best way to deal with anger is to let it out. The safest way to succeed with it is to play some tennis. Nothing is more satisfying than smashing those balls!


If you’ve just arrived on campus, it is only natural that there is no one you know. One of the best ways to find people who share the same interests is to participate in a related activity. Who knows, maybe you will find your best friend on the tennis court?

Being fit

Staying in shape is something that most students wish for. Besides, being fit is extremely popular these days. If you play tennis on a regular basis, you will see a tremendous improvement in your physique as well as your mental state.


It may sound like a stereotype, but in most cases, successful people play tennis. That is why if you make proper connections during your college years on the tennis court, it may affect your future adult life too. Think about it!

Time management

Not everyone is able to manage his or her time properly. That is why some people miss their deadlines or important meetings. Being on a tennis team means that there are practices, matches, and other scheduled events. What is more, they need to be scheduled so that you do not miss any classes. This is the perfect option for you to learn how to manage your time correctly.


College tennis grants you the possibility to see the country as well. There are matches all over the country to take part in so that you will never get bored of staying on campus.

Establish Your identity

If you feel like you do not fit in anywhere – try yourself in tennis. Very often, being a part of the team is what most people need, and the tennis team is the best place to start.


Very often, people say that tennis is an individual sport. However, whether you like it or not, it is a team game. That is why teamwork is an essential part of the whole process. If you become a leader on the team, you can easily transfer these skills into your adult life.


Many people need a particular push to get somewhere. Tennis is a competitive sport. Competition may be that one push that brings you to success later on.

Goal Achievement

While playing tennis, you learn from your mistakes, and that means that every game brings you closer to your goal. Once you achieve the goal you set in the game, achieving other goals in life will become a lot easier.

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that playing tennis in college is a great choice due to many reasons. Starting with simple anger management and ending with leadership skills, all of this can be achieved by mere participation on the college tennis team.