Some Cool Stuff that Happened in 2017

The 2017 tennis season is over and it is time to recap the coolest, funniest, and weirdest things that happened on courts, from the ITF Circuit up to the Grand Slams. We saw everything in 2017: weird handshakes, racket throws, underhand serves, creatures on court, and so much more. Here’s a recap of all of the best moments of 2017.

The most beautiful handshake of the year

ITF Courts…

…and a funny way to fix them

We even had fashion models on the ITF Tour!

And football stars on the Challenger Tour!

What about dogs on court?

And snakes!

And cows!

And insects (on camera)!

and Diabolik!

And funny names!

And surnames!


More ITF Life

ITF dangerous life

Balls…a bit old?

But old is gold sometimes!

A nearly golden match!

Some beautiful tanks

The amazing Andria Challenger with lasers on court…

…and camera stuck on net…

…and funny camera angle!

Ultime gare delle qualificazioni. Adesso sul campo centrale il francese Lestienne sfida l'italiano Ricca. #palasport #ingressogratuito

Posted by Andria e Castel del Monte Atp Challenger on Sunday, November 19, 2017


A funny conversation between player and coach

Double faults, anyone?

Some funny serves

And some funny misses

And of course racquet throws!

And hot shots!

And a beautiful move by Polansky

He imitated Putintseva!

And a beautiful smash/drop by Sousa

And another one in doubles!

A funny provocation by Janowicz

New balls please!

So British!

A very rare talent!



and gentle!

A very weird end of a match!

Player trolling ballkid!

And what was this?

Wake up Kokkinakis!

Doubles stuff!

That’s … quite funny

A very weird rally!

Changeover like a boss!

The 2017 stuff is over…don’t forget 2017 began like this

If you want to reminisce a little more, remember back to the coolest moments of 2016.

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