CZW To Hold Multiple Combines In January

Combat Zone Wrestling

Calling all athletes, wrestlers, and people with a dream to make it in the wrestling industry. Combat Zone Wrestling will be holding two scouting combines in January. The first will be January 8 in Havre de Grace, MD and the second will be January 15th in Blackwood, NJ. These two locations have become home to CZW and are very important to the company. What better place to showcase your skills?

These events, known as Scouting Combine 2023 Evolution, are a huge opportunity for people to show off their skills and prove that they have what it takes to make it in the Combat Zone, both inside and outside of the ring. The 2022 combines gave current CZW wrestlers their chance and they have run with it.

Combat Zone Wrestling to Hold Multiple Scouting Combines

What to Know About the Events

“I am looking for investable people”, explains CZW owner DJ Hyde. “This means wrestlers, announcers, managers, commentators, production, marketing, social media specialists, and anyone who is investable and wants to be here. That is what I am truly looking for.”

Just last year, Michael Mistretta, Jaden Valo, Jarett Diaz, Faboo Andre, and Matt Quay made their way out to the combine and are now CZW regulars. They made an impact at these combines and their ability could not be denied. This goes to show how much this can help build your name by just showing up and putting in the work.

“When I went through the combine, it gave me my first taste of pushing my wrestling limits”, recalls Matt Quay. “Since that day, and being consistent with CZW, I feel my development has been night and day. Doing the combine was a game changer and I’m glad I did it.”

A similar reaction came from Jaden Valo who said, “The combine opened up the door for myself and a handful of other guys to break into CZW. They had us going through drills, running spots, and cutting promos that all culminated with the Scouting Combine show at the end of the day. It was a great experience that gave the guys a chance to show CZW what they’re all about and led to many of us being used regularly on their main shows. All in all…DO IT!”

Stories From More Combat Zone Wrestling Wrestlers

According to Faboo Andre, “The CZW combine will force you to grow or go and I showed that I fly high at CZW.”

The best thing about these combines is that there is no charge to participate. All you have to do is send your resume and demo package to [email protected] and show up ready to work.

“I have always been skeptical of tryouts in wrestling outside of WWE” explains Michael Mistretta. “I have heard horror stories and even experienced some myself. I gave the CZW combine a try just because it was free and it ended up being a better experience than many things I have paid to participate in. The hospitality and organization of the combine was done very well. It obviously opened up some opportunities for me, but regardless of what the combine leads to, you will walk away with something. It challenges you, it can humble you and it is legit. I appreciate it because it ensures the CZW roster is full of people who take their craft seriously.”

The combine gives more than just an opportunity at a spot on the roster and a chance to be recognized. It is something that all aspiring wrestlers should experience because it will prepare them for the next big step in their careers.

“The CZW combine gave me a tangible opportunity to prove my worth to one of the premier independent wrestling companies in the world,” says Jarett Diaz. “In an industry where one opportunity can change the trajectory of your career, all it took for me was one solid performance to let CZW know that I belonged.”

If you think you have what it takes to make it in the wrestling industry, make your way out to these combines and prove yourself to some of the best in the business.

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