Stardom Flashing Champions 2022 News Round-Up

Stardom Flashing Champions 2022 Poster with card
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Stardom Flashing Champions 2022 took place at the iconic Ota Ward venue in Japan. The card was one of the most stacked in Stardom’s history and delivered on its hype with great matches and a lot of news. Let’s dig into all of the news coming from the show.

Stardom Flashing Champions 2022: New Brand, New Champions & More

Stardom Launches Stardom in Showcase

Via a video, Stardom hyped up the launch of their new brand Stardom In Showcase. The first event under this brand will take place on July 24, 2022 in Nagoya. There’s no clear details as to what this brand is about but Stardom used footage of their New Blood shows to hype it up leading to speculation that these could be cross-promotional events. This event will be followed up the next day by another show in Nagoya that will presumably be a PPV-tier show.

New Challengers

With every title being defended on the show we were always going to have some challenges made for future events. Stardom Flashing Champions 2022 did not disappoint as a number of title matches were set up for future events. First, Tomoka Inaba of JUST TAP OUT challenged Hanan for the Future of Stardom Championship, AZM was challenged by Momo Kohgo for the High Speed Championship, and KAIRI challenged Utami Hayashishita to a singles match. To close out we had two members of Oedo Tai challenge for titles as Starlight Kid challenged for the Wonder of Stardom Championship, while Momo Watanabe challenged Syuri for the World of Stardom Championship.


As well as new challengers we also got #AndNEW Champions. The Oedo Tai team of Saki Kashima, Starlight Kid, and Momo Watanabe defeated MaiHimePoi for the Artist of Stardom Championship.

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