Preview: Lucky Pro Wrestling – WrestleVersary Featuring Lucky Lottery Rumbles (3/5/22)

Lucky Pro WrestleVersary
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Lucky Pro Wrestling holds their first show of 2022 with WrestleVersary and it features not one but two Lucky Lottery Rumbles in which the winner will receive a title shot. Along with two big title opportunities, there will likely be other matches added if the Rumbles don’t go too long but the only way to find out is in Hudson, MA at WrestleVersary!

WrestleVersary – Full Card

Lucky Lottery Rumble for Men’s Opportunity Knocks Contract: Randy Shawn / Ricky Smokes / Mac Daniels / Swilly O’ Brien / Brad Cashew / Gal Barkay / Brian Milonas / Darley Desmot / Marcos the Pitbull / Ike the Bite / El Espartana / Chris Loggins / Nico Silva / Randy Rivera / Jora Johl / Owen Brody

While it seems rather likely that other wrestlers might enter this match, the one thing which seems rather clear is the possibility of who will win it. There are names in the match that just like longshots, but at the same time, there are wrestlers who could win this and even go on to become LPW Heavyweight Champion as well. Names like Ricky Smokes, Mac Daniels, Brad Cashew, Gal Barkay, Darley Desmot, and Randy Rivera have a “strap a rocket to them and watch them win the gold” quality, while other names such as Brian Milonas, Nico Silva, and Jora Johl seem like odds on favorites to win. Either way, this match will be exciting and whoever wins it will likely challenge “Riot” Kellan Thomas for the LPW Heavyweight Championship!

Lucky Lottery Rumble for Women’s Opportunity Knocks Contract: Little Mean Kathleen / Isana / Paris Van Dale / Shannon LeVangie / B3CCA / Luscious Latasha / Sarah Jade / Dajaé Simone / Nakoma Tala / Jessie Nolan

This match should definitely see more names added as, right now, it sits at only ten and it is likely that B3CCA is still out with an injury. Of the wrestlers in this match, any of them have a chance to win and seize a title opportunity. Many of these wrestlers might be out to make a name for themselves, but Little Mean Kathleen currently holds gold in NCW while Dajaé Simone has been involved in a title feud with Big Juicy over in Blood Sweat Tears Wrestling. Isana, Jessie Nolan, and Nakoma Tala seem to be the odds on favorite in the match, though someone such as Luscious Latasha or Shannon LeVangie pulling out the win and even going on to becoming LPW Women’s Champion would perhaps be an upset but also earned. The playing field in this match certainly seems more level than in the men’s match, but that also might make this match that much better.

Luscious Latasha vs Paris Van Dale

While both of these wrestlers find themselves in the Lucky Lottery Rumble, it can only be imagined that they both have something to prove outside of that match. Luscious Latasha is a name that has been around for a while and yet it still feels like not everyone has heard it yet. Paris Van Dale is making her name known and wants it to become even more well known at the expense of Latasha. This will be an interesting match because both of these wrestlers have a lot to prove out there, not just in the Rumble but in this match as well at WrestleVersary.

Davienne vs Ray Lyn

Lucky Pro Wrestling, through no fault of their own, painted themselves into a corner with this match. Originally, this match was scheduled to be Ray Lyn vs Alisha Edwards, who is the current LPW Women’s Champion. However, Edwards was pulled for reasons which are having a big impact on this match and the Lucky Lottery Rumble.

On one hand, had this match gone on as scheduled, Lyn would have been involved in a title match. In that scenario, perhaps Davienne would have been in the LLR. But now, what does this match do other than rule by being hard-hitting and explosive? It could serve as a Number One Contender’s contest, but isn’t that what the LLR is? Shouldn’t Lyn technically be first in line for a shot at Alisha Edwards and the LPW Women’s Championship? Unless Davienne defeats Lyn, in which case Davienne could make that claim.

This match could very easily lead to several other matches involving the LPW Women’s Championship (with challengers including Davienne, Ray Lyn, and the winner of the LLR) but most of all this match will be a showcase of two ultra-talented wrestlers who oftentimes go overlooked showing the world just why they should no longer be ignored.

LPW Hard-Knox Championship: Sweatboy (c) vs ​Scotty Slade

The difficulty with this match is that time and time again, challengers have been brought before Sweatboy and they have all lost. No one has been able to take that LPW Hard-Knox Championship from Sweatboy and it doesn’t particularly feel as if Scotty Slade has a better chance than those who came before him to do so either. This will be a great match but when that bell rings, Sweatboy will likely still be champion and will once again have to wonder if anyone can truly defeat him.

LPW Champion: “Riot” Kellan Thomas (c) vs Vern Vicallo

Few stories in professional wrestling have the same type of long-term history as the one between “Riot” Kellan Thomas and Vern Vicallo. This is that type of match where Vicallo feels not only as if he deserves this title shot but should rightfully be the LPW Champion. But, as most wrestling fans know, the champion is never going to go down without a fight and Thomas is one of the hardest fighting champions out there. This one is going to be an absolute battle at WrestleVersary. Only one of these wrestlers coming out as the winner and that will be the true LPW Champion!

All of this and more takes place on Saturday, March 5th, 2022 in Hudson, MA as part of Lucky Pro Wrestling’s WrestleVersary. For tickets and more info please visit

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