Dream Opponents for Christian Cage in AEW

Christian Cage AEW

“The Instant Classic” caught everybody by surprise when he turned out to be the “Hall of Fame Worthy” new signee of All Elite Wrestling. “Captain Charisma,” Christian Cage, popped the audience as he would stroll down to the ring in front of his adoring “Peeps”. He would grab the contract, go to the middle of the ring, take one last glance at his Peeps, and the rest was history.  Signed, sealed, and delivered, as one would say. The moment he put pen to paper, it was official. Christian Cage is #AllElite and ready to Out. Work. Everyone.

Christian Cage was away from the ring for almost seven years. In a truly stunning turn of events earlier this year, he made his triumphant return at the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble. Not only did he return to the ring but also put on a heck of a performance as one of the last four competitors in the Royal Rumble Match. This return also gave us the heartfelt moment of Cage and his best friend, Edge, embracing in the ring in one of the truest signs of respect, emotion, and love the wrestling business has ever seen.

The ink had barely dried on the contract but the All Elite fanbase was already fantasy booking a whole host of opponents that could combat Christian Cage in an AEW ring. On the latest edition of AEW Dynamite, Cage teased that his eyes are firmly set on Kenny Omega and the AEW World Championship. Everybody was more than ecstatic about this confrontation between Omega and Cage. The prospect of this match left fans foaming at the mouth to see this match as soon as humanly possible. With that being said, AEW’s roster is loaded to the brim with talent. The following men could definitely bring the very best out of “Captain Charisma.”

Orange Cassidy

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy has been one of the biggest breakout stars over the past year. His rivalry with Chris Jericho truly showcased how much fans truly adored Cassidy. Now, imagine a heel Christian Cage antagonizing the fan-favorite. He would constantly dress down Orange as nothing more than a big embarrassment in professional wrestling. Much like Jericho did, Cage would bring out the absolute best, or worst depending on who you ask, in Orange Cassidy.

It’s not an elegant or complex story, but it’s a very easy one to get behind. The contrasting styles would be a sight to behold. Christian Cage is one of the most underrated heels of the past 20 years. He could showcase how much an arrogant bastard he can truly be against the beloved practitioner of “Sloth Style.”

“Hangman” Adam Page

Hangman Page is undoubtedly next in line to be the face of All Elite Wrestling sooner rather than later. Page exudes such charisma that screams quintessential top babyface. He is a hard-drinking, hard-hitting cowboy that has the looks, comedic timing, and in-ring skills wrapped in one neat package.  As we speak, Page is out of the title picture for now. But rest assured he won’t be for long. But for the time being why doesn’t AEW pair him up with the legend Cage?

The reason is that, simply, they’re both great in the ring. The two could put on a technical clinic if they choose to do so or do away with all that and have a slugfest. Either way, they will put on a match everyone would definitely want to see. Also, imagine the back and forth these two would have on the mic. A future world champion against a former one, the story practically writes itself. The old guard will come to protect his throne atop the mountain while a young up-and-comer keeps climbing to the mountain top to knock him off his perch.

The Young Bucks

Matt and Nick Jackson have been one of the top tag teams in professional wrestling for the past decade. They made it their mission to put tag team wrestling on the map for modern audiences to enjoy. The Young Bucks have succeeded tremendously in fulfilling this obsessive need to prove to everybody that tag team wresting could be as good as the singles ranks. Tag team wrestling could be the main event in the biggest show a promotion could offer. The influences of The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian are very apparent when watching the Bucks in action. They adapted the high-flying devil may care style of the Hardys as well as the comedic but when needed vicious streak of E&C.

Fans are aware that they can’t actually fight those teams right now because two halves of both teams are in the WWE. However, it doesn’t mean fans can’t still have a dream match with the other two halves that are indeed in AEW. Picture this: The Young Bucks at their peak, unstoppable. no longer considering anyone a threat. Then, out of nowhere, a couple of tag team legends enter the fray to teach these two youngsters a thing or two about respect and what it means to be tag team champion. In comes Christian Cage and Matt Hardy. It’s a dream match people never thought they would get. This odd couple team will be reminiscent of what James Storm and Chris Sabin are doing currently in IMPACT Wrestling. It’s a tag team war beyond wrestling lovers’ wildest dreams and now it’s in the palm of their hands.

Jungle Boy

Jack Perry, better known as Jungle Boy, is not only the future of All Elite Wrestling but the wrestling business. At his age, he’s already way ahead of his time in terms of talent. His in-ring work is impeccable and he is only getting better with each passing match. Not to mention, he has one of the best entrance themes in all of wrestling right now. Quite the worker in the ring and effortlessly charismatic, Jungle Boy could benefit from being in a program with Christian Cage. The rub that Jungle Boy would get from just battling Cage, let alone beating him, will definitely raise his stock even faster than it already is.

Also, as we draw back the curtain, Cage could definitely give some golden advice to the budding star in every aspect so he could achieve the longevity Cage has amassed before retiring and making his return to the industry. Christian Cage might be the old gunslinger, but he still has massive amounts of star appeal to pass on to Jungle Boy.


Christian Cage is the perfect protagonist to battle the antagonistic ways of one MJF. Let’s get this out of the way early: the promos these two would cultivate each week against one another would be modern classics. MJF is somewhat reminiscent of the early days of Cage as a singles star in WWE. MJF is brash, cocky, and his mouth always seem to get him in trouble. A program between these two could stretch for the better part of a year and nobody would be bored of it. The matches would be intense, the promos would be aces, and the expected comedy segments would be gold. MJF is one of the best heels in the business today.

Many old-school fans would compare MJF to a prime Ric Flair. Confident on the mic with a sharp tongue to boot, MJF keeps the tradition alive in the otherwise dead concept of “kayfabe.” He is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He never ever breaks character. Along with the aforementioned Jungle Boy, MJF will be a big part of All Elite Wrestling as it grows larger with each passing year into a titan of a promotion. MJF will also be one of the biggest players wrestling will have in the next 10 years.

Christian Cage may be the man that elevates MJF into greater heights. By doing so, he will expedite the latter’s rise into the upper echelon of All Elite Wrestling.

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