EC3 Return Teased on IMPACT Wrestling

Two weeks, IMPACT Wrestling dropped a huge video teaser for this year’s Slammiversary, that drop video hints at recent WWE releases who may (or may not) be returning to IMPACT at one of the company’s marquee events. Over the past two weeks, IMPACT has been subtly (and not so subtly) dropping hints and swerves about most of them. But perhaps the most shocking one so far happened on Tuesday’s IMPACT Wrestling, when a snippet of “Trouble”, the former TNA theme for EC3, interrupted Moose‘s theme following his TNA World title defense over Hernandez.

EC3, a former 2x IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion during his five-year run with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling from 2013 to 2018, returned to WWE in early 2018, where he’d spent 2009 to 2013 in WWE developmental. After a brief spell back in NXT, he was brought up to Raw in late December and finally had his WrestleMania moment in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, but for the majority of his two-year return he was vastly underutilized and appeared on WWE TV more in backstage vignettes than in the ring. He was one of the early releases on WWE’s Black Wednesday this past April. Since then, he’s been rebuilding his brand on his Social Media, and on June 5, EC3 released a response to IMPACT’s Slammiversary video.

This past Sunday, EC3 poked more on the “nostalgia” with another scathing promo, this time turning his attention to past moments in WWE and WCW history.

As one of the last big stars from the TNA era before Anthem rebranded the company to IMPACT Wrestling in 2017, EC3 returning to the company to reclaim the TNA World Championship (the same title he held twice) would be a great way of bringing the “Top 1%er” back into the fold and rejuvenate his career following his dark exile in the WWE Universe. The original Slammiversary “free agents” video has even been updated, adding in more former TNA stars who could potentially be available. As well as a new section with former stars, in the second original section, Rockstar Spud (who re-signed with NXT as Drake Maverick) has been replaced by former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush.

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