#AndNEW Randy Myers Captures DEFY World Championship

Randy Myers
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Nevermore has At Last by Etta James been more appropriate for Ravenous Randy Myers. The Weirdo Hero’s near twenty-year saga of a career has now gained a crowning glory moment it so richly deserved. Myers clashed with former friend Schaff at DEFY Wrestling’s Kings of Crash on a chilly February Friday night but as always, the DEFYance kept him warm. 

Any match with Schaff is a tall order, and Randy’s victory was hard-fought. When Myers’ win became official, the entirety of Washington Hall exploded with cheers. As expected, tears could be seen and felt as well. The Canadian Myers has held several titles in his native country, and this is his first in the US. In a promo leading up to this clash, Myers mentioned how his sunset would be coming and before he waved goodbye to his beloved darlings, he wanted the DEFY World Championship. 

Randy Myers might be written off by some because he’s a weirdo, he’s lanky and thin, with a different sense of fashion and beauty, and is an openly gay man in a business that can still be difficult towards him. Throughout the twenty years of his career, he has persevered, even if every year didn’t grant him the wish of being his year. Through ups and downs, barrels of fun and great moments, struggles and all, Ravenous Randy Myers finally ascended to the top. He is now your new DEFY World Champion, ending Schaff’s reign at 182 days. Myers is the seventh champion in the promotion’s history. Congratulations, darling!

If you would like to witness the history yourself, as well as Randy’s journey thus far, please check out our friends at Powerslam.TV and DEFY on Demand

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