#AndNEW: Two New Champions Crowned In Tidal Wrestling

Photo: Stomp Photography

Tidal Championship Wrestling (TCW) was at the Temple of Boom in Leeds, England this past Friday evening for their High Tide event, a night that saw two new champions crowned within the promotion.

#AndNEW: Two New Champions Crowned In Tidal Wrestling

#AndNEW: Joe Nelson Wins Tidal Championship

Photo: Stomp Photography

In the main event of the evening, Joe Nelson became the new Tidal Champion in one hell of a Fatal Four Way Match, usurping Chuck Mambo to win the title in a bout also including the reigning TCW Open Champion HT Drake and Brady Phillips. Nelson was actually a replacement participant for Sean Only, who was unable to compete in the match.

If you ask anyone who was in the building that evening, they’ll tell you that the match was exceptional. Considering Mambo had only ended Sugar Dunkerton‘s 284-day title reign at the end of May, no-one was really expecting him to lose the gold quite yet, leading to a huge surprise when Nelson picked up the pin over Phillips with a sliced bread #2. Needless to say, the fans that night were ecstatic to see the youngster crowned the new champion.

#AndNEW: Little Miss Roxxy Wins Tidal Women’s Championship

Photo: Stomp Photography

The other title change from High Tide saw Little Miss Roxxy capture the Women’s Championship from “The Golden Goddess” Chakara to begin her second reign with the title. Roxxy’s initial reign lasted between December 2017 and June 2018, lasting 188 days.

Roxxy’s victory makes her the only two-time Women’s Champion in Tidal history. Coming into the bout here, Chakara had been dealing with an ankle injury and although she was cleared to wrestle here, there’s no question about it that the injury would’ve given Roxxy an advantage over her opponent. Injury or no injury, Chakara no longer has the title in possession – all hail Little Miss Roxxy.

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