“Mano A Mano De Idolos”: Penta El 0M Versus Caristico Match Result

Penta El 0M Versus Caristico Match Result
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On Friday night’s event with CMLL from Arena Mexico, we saw a lucha barn burner of a match between Caristico and Penta El 0M. A match where even swerves were committed from both men just so that one man could be called the winner. That man wound up being, Caristico. The crowd soaked it all in so much that at the conclusion of the match they threw money into the ring. A traditional gesture in Mexico from the fans in attendance who really appreciated a match and got their monies worth.

Penta El 0M Versus Caristico Match Result

As you will recall, last Friday on CMLL Arena Mexico, Penta EL 0M and his team were disqualified after Penta low blowed Caristico and challenged him to a one-on-one match. Tonight, both men finally went at it “Mano A Mano De Idolos”. Caristico was introduced first to the ring, followed by Penta. Both men right off the bat and outside the ring brawled before the bell even rang, fighting each other and looking for first blood. Caristico at one point before the first of this three falls match made his way towards the top of the steps leading to the ring and performed a plancha from the top of steps on to Penta. Caristico earned a victory during the first fall with a running Canadian Destroyer on Penta.

It was during the next two falls where things escalated and got the crowd even more vested in the match. After not being able to get a pinfall on Caristico, Penta, behind the referees back, stooped to cheating by removing his mask and throwing it to Caristico and falling on the mat trying to cover his face. The referee finally noticed it and pushed Caristico and rewarded the second fall to Penta.

During the next and final fall of the match, both men went all out with a barrage of offense against each other. Near the conclusion of the match, Caristico performed three Tope Suicidas on Penta which led to Penta being launched into the first row of fans and legitimately and accidentally kicking a fan to the side of the head when taking the bump. The conclusion of the match had both men pulling out their best weapons from their arsenal on one another, with Penta smashing Caristico with a Package Pile Driver on the ring apron, and Carisitco performing the Spanish Fly getting a near fall on Penta, then performing his patented Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors finisher, that was incredibly countered by Penta.

The two competitors were at a stalemate as neither man could find a way to defeat the other. That was until Caristico decided “if you couldn’t beat em’, join em'”. At the end of the match the referee was distracted and with the slim chance he received, Caristico took of HIS mask and threw it to Penta just like Penta did to him before the second fall. Penta attempted to hide the mask behind his back from the referee but failed to do so, leading to Caristico getting the win.

A very entertaining match between two of Mexicos best all-around performers. The fans were thoroughly entertained and went home happy. This was the last Friday show at Arena Mexico of 2018 for the company. The next big advertised match for Caristico is on January 1st, 2019 when he goes one-on-one against Ultimo Guerrero. A rivalry that may be building towards a future Hair versus Mask Match as he initially challenged Guerrero to this match stipulation on last Fridays show.


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