“Fantastical Fancies”: Matt Hardy Challenges the Young Bucks to ALL IN Showdown

Matt Hardy challenges Young Bucks for ALL IN

The Matts are at it again. Matt Jackson posed the idea and Woken Matt Hardy laid down the challenge. And while sanctioning this match is so improbable it’s almost impossible to consider, if Hardy were to get his way, it would be the Deleters of Worlds (Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt) taking on the Bucks of Youth (Young Bucks – Matt and Nick Jackson) for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships on September 1 at ALL IN.

This insane thought came about following the G1 Special in San Francisco in which Matt Jackson responded to an interview question saying, “How cool would it be to win the WWE tag team championship belts and not even have to perform on their show?”

Cool indeed, but the Bucks know how WWE operates. They know that there is no possible way they would even sniff those titles unless they made the move everyone has been talking about for years. That being said, Matt Hardy, who has quite the history with the Bucks, chose to stoke some flames a little bit and get people talking with a tweet of his own.

Just to clarify if it wasn’t obvious, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are not ALL IN nor will they be. It would take a minor miracle for WWE to allow two of their contracted talent to appear on the card let alone do so while defending WWE gold. Not to mention, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks have set out to make ALL IN the biggest independent wrestling show of all time. It wouldn’t feel very independent if WWE was on the card or if their name was anyway associated with it.

So, this match won’t be happening. But that hasn’t stopped the Twitterverse from reacting and some even asking the most mythical hypothetical of all, “What if?” What if, the impossible was possible? What if this match and WWE at ALL IN wasn’t just something you could play in My Universe mode of the 2K games or in a fantasy wrestling league? Before Hardy’s tweet, the notion of anyone working for Vince McMahon appearing on the show, wasn’t even something people would have considered or dreamed of. But now, it’s out there and the fans are reacting in kind.

It shouldn’t be surprising that so many fans a) want to see this match and b) want to believe it happening is even possible. Cross-promotion is something that the wrestling industry has benefited from tremendously over the years. Ring of Honor‘s alliance with New Japan Pro Wrestling has provided both shows with great influxes of talent. IMPACT Wrestling‘s partnership with Lucha Libre AAA and Lucha Underground has been a huge boost. Even WWE has gotten in on the action at some level as their relationships with PROGRESS and other UK organizations is providing the backbone for the WWEUK program set to launch this summer.

But this, this is something else entirely. Adam Cole got to appear and defend his title at EVOLVE but the promotion wasn’t allowed to show the content on their streaming service or iPPV. Deonna Purazzo was forced to pull out of ALL IN because she signed a contract with WWE and is likely to appear in the Mae Young Classic. The same would likely happen if Chelsea Green, who was seen at tryouts not long ago, or Rey Mysterio, who is believed to be negotiating a new deal with the promotion. WWE, which was even rumored to actively been trying to cherry pick names off of ALL IN, is a fan of cross-promotion, when it benefits WWE. And while an appearance of the Deleters of Worlds would indeed break everything and change our perception of what the future of wrestling could be, it’s not something that would direct impact on WWE. Vince McMahon wouldn’t be making money off of it unless he used that appearance to begin an angle or as leverage to convince a certain set of brothers to sign on the dotted line when their contracts expire in 2019.

As it is though, don’t expect anything to come of this save for a compelling back-and-forth on Twitter between the two Matts. As much as fans may want to dream it as possible, we live in an age of reality and not fiction and the reality is, this match could only happen in a realm outside of space and time. And unfortunately, Chicago and ALL IN are neither of those things. It’s fun to imagine the what ifs, to get excited at the thought of seeing Seth Rollins face Kenny Omega as one reply suggested.

But as Hardy himself said, it’s all just “fantastical fancies.”