Rey Fenix Debuts in Arena Mexico for CMLL and Steals the Show

Rey Fenix

Rey Fenix debuted in the historic Arena Mexico on Friday’s Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre show. He teamed up with Caristico and Mistico to take on Barbaro Cavernario, Negro Casas and Ultimo Guerrero.

Rey Fenix Debuts in Arena Mexico for CMLL

Fenix was announce as part of CMLL one week ago in CMLL Informa. He told fans that he wasn’t coming along, implying that his brother Pentagon Jr. could also debut soon for the company.

One half of Major League Wrestling‘s tag team champions, Fenix stole the show in the last fall of last night semi-main event in the cathedral of Mexico (Arena Mexico). Fans were raving his performance, looking apart from his técnicos teammates Caristico and Mistico.

As the announcer spoke on Friday, Fenix “eats, sleeps and dreams about wrestling” and he showed just that in last night’s match. Known for his insane rope control and movement in them, Fenix took the second fall with his infamous Fenix Driver. After that, Fenix went berserk with his combination of high stakes offense and fluid movement.

The former Lucha Underground champion went toe to toe with Negro Casas, then stroke a handspring cutter on Barbaro Cavernario and finally went for an insane tope in the third rope to the outside on Ultimo Guerrero.

It should be noted that the fans at Arena Mexico were clearly behind Rey Fenix. Every time that he step in on the ring the fans went crazy for him. Even though that he was partnering with two of the best baby faces of CMLL, Fenix was the favorite in the crowd, receiving the loudest reaction if the night.

This is good news for the 27 year-old San Diego resident, who is working a schedule that has permitted him to wrestle for top promotions in Mexico like CMLL, The Crash Lucha Libre and AAA. Is still uncertain what are the plans for him in the company or when Pentagon Jr. (his brother) will debut, but the idea is to go all the way to the Anniversary show in September. In August, Fenix will also be working in AAA’s TripleMania, since he returned to the company in Verano de Escandalo.


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