Indie Watch: The Women of PROGRESS

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On the 28th of May 2017, PROGRESS crowned their first ever women’s champion – since then, Toni Storm has solidified the division putting on great matches at every Chapter.  Underneath Storm, there is something special brewing.  There is a group of women that PROGRESS started showcasing at the Revelations Of Divine Love tournament.  This tournament was for a shot at Storm’s title.  It was the first time some of these women were being presented to the larger PROGRESS audience and they certainly made a mark.

Photo: James Musselwhite / Portrait of a Wrestler

In this tournament, there were four women that presented themselves as future stars: Candyfloss, Chakara, Millie McKenzie and Sierra Loxton.  The four young women named are going to prove the BritWres boom is for women as much as for the men.  The scary thing is, neither woman named is older than 20.  They have so much time to develop both their already stellar gimmicks and ring work, and could easily become the centrepiece of PROGRESS’ Women’s Division very soon.


Candyfloss is the one with the biggest potential.  The pink haired, sugar loving girl has the crowd in the palm of her hands.  Her character is the definition of sweet and it really helps her stand out in the serious world of women’s wrestling.  She has been training since the age of 15 and is already very good in the ring and over with the PROGRESS Ultras.  She also appears regularly in Pro Wrestling: EVE and has a very bright future.

Photo: James Musselwhite / Portrait of a Wrestler

Chakara follows in the vain of Jinny.  She is the queen of sass and has obvious disdain for the crowd.  In this division of good or respected women, Chakara is a great heel that you are meant to dislike.  In one of her first big matches, she defeated PROGRESS women’s wrestling pioneer Pollyanna.  Having wrestled in various places around the UK she has a lot of experience in IPW: UK and EVE, as well as PROGRESS.  Chakara has a great look and is similar to WWE NXT superstar Bianca Belair – she is an Egyptian goddess in her own eyes and will win the PROGRESS Women’s Championship sooner rather than later.

Photo: Oli Sandler / Ringside Perspective

Millie McKenzie is the heir to Kay Lee Ray’s throne.  Since adopting a more Brock Lesnar badass approach, she has taken part in Intergender wrestling.  McKenzie wrestles in a way that no other woman can.  She hits hard, suplexes harder and gives as good as she gets.  McKenzie is a pushed commodity in Fight Club: PRO and has wrestled in Defiant, CHIKARA and RevPro.  One of the more polished members of the women’s division but has huge potential.


The “Freaky Princess” Sierra Loxton is another with an individual and recognizable gimmick.  She is a large, athletic woman that breaks the mould of what you would expect from a woman of her size.  Her in-ring work consists of mainly hip attacks and using her power mixed with speed to take down her opponents.  What makes Loxton so good is her gimmick is so relatable.  She considers herself a freak,  someone not normal, but still knows she can be a beautiful princess.  In the modern day, with Jack Sexsmith using the “love yourself” gimmick so well, Loxton has the chance to become a huge star with fans of all shapes and sizes and be the underdog of this division.

The Women of PROGRESS: Recommended Matches

For the low, low price of $7.49, you can subscribe to Demand Progress.  Here you should watch the Revelations Of Divine Love tournament before watching Sugar Rush (Candyfloss & Zoe Lucas) vs Laura Di Matteo & Bea Priestley – this tag match will act as a great introduction to Candyfloss and her gimmick.  Later in that same show, Chakara vs Sierra Loxton proved they deserved the Semi-Main event spot, when they put on an excellent match where their styles and gimmicks clashed so well.   To see all four of these women in action watch, PROGRESS Chapter 60 to see a 6-woman match Chakara vs Millie McKenzie vs Sierra Loxton vs Charli Evans vs Charlie Morgan vs Candyfloss.  McKenzie has a free match from the good folks at Defiant Wrestling

The match features fellow rising star Xia Brookside and the villainous Little Miss Roxxy.

Sierra Loxton is showcased in a match against Mae Young Classic star Kay Lee Ray from Pro Wrestling Pride.  Loxton really shows off her in-ring skills in this match and holds up her end against the experienced veteran in KLR.

Be it in EVE, PROGRESS, PCW, IPW:UK, ICW or wherever you get your wrestling keep an eye out for these four women.  Candyfloss, Millie McKenzie, Chakara and Sierra Loxton deserve all the recognition and acclaim they can get.  Watch these women and get in at the start of what could be a special time for women’s wrestling in the UK.