wXw Crowns The First wXw Women’s Champion

Over the span of around 4 months wXw held a tournament to crown the first ever wXw Women’s Champion. To determine the two finalist that met at the 17th Anniversary show, wXw had some of the best and newest additions to their womens roster fighting for this history making title.

The Participants

Killer Kelly

Photo: Oli Sandler/Ringside Perspective

Kelly moved from Portugal to Germany to become a pro wrestler. She gained massive experience during this tournament and you can see her improving in every match concerning mach quality and character developement. Although she did not make it to the final match, she did made a name for herself and will be a welcomed part of the womens division in europe in the future. (She replaced Pauline in the tournament)


Photo: Jim Musselwhite / Portrait of a Wrestler

Jinny recently made history by being the first ever women to step into York Hall, London for a Rev Pro show where she defeated Session Moth Martina in an open challenge when Martina danced into York Hall as her mystery opponent.

Melanie Gray

Photo: twitter.com/Melzi87

“The first lady of wXw” has been wrestling for wXw since they started their womens wrestling activities. She made her way back to the top after a rough start and a small injury in the beginning of the tournament.

Session Moth Martina

Photo: Robbie Boyd – Warrior Fight Photography

Maybe the most prominent name in this tournament, she is the OTT Womens Champion & Gender Neutral Champion. Her in ring style can be described as somewhere between The Sandman and Joey Ryan, which sounds hard to believe but somehow quite fitting. The way Martina connects to any crowd is astonishing, her down to earth behavior outside the ring is very pleasant. She spits beer, does suicide dives and some rated R stuff like in those viral videos by Joey Ryan. If you watch her matches you quickly realize what talent she has and that she really is a very good wrestler. She also does serious matches when necessary.

The Result

The eventual first ever wXw Women’s Champion is Killer Kelly. The final was set to be Melanie Gray vs Session Moth Martina at the 17th anniversary show, but Melanie attacked Martina during the Pre-Show. When the title match was set to start, Christan Michael Jakobi appeared and presented Killer Kelly as her new opponent. Killer Kelly won the match and made history by becoming the first ever wXw Women’s Champion.

The Future

The tournament did a very good job presentling all the athletes and the concept across Germany, due to the time period over which they held this tournament the developement of 2 believable finalists was done done very well. The next step has already been done by booking Tenille Dashwood (formerly WWE Superstar Emma) for Superstars of Wrestling on May 5, 2018. This will bring a good amount of attention to the female Wrestling scene in Germany and by giving the constant members of the roster the opportunity to learn from an experienced performer like Emma, it shows the effort put in by wXw. They have been vocal about how much they learn from many of of their fly-ins, so in this case Emma might be a huge factor in the RISE of the women’s division.

The next huge match will be Killer Kelly vs Toni Storm,who is the current PROGRESS womens champion, a STARDOM performer and former WWE Mae Young classic participant.

So lets see where wXw goes with this. The beginning of a solid womens division with more regular performers is made, so lets witness a 2018 where women’s wrestling is taking over in wXw.