Impact: Alberto El Patron Forfeits Title, Bobby Lashley Renamed Champ

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Alberto El Patron, known to most fans as Alberto del Rio, made an incredible impression on fans when he made his surprise debut on Impact Wrestling – formerly TNA. During his debut, El Patron defeated reigning Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley to become the new top dog in the company.

However, not all is looking well when it comes to the relationship between Impact Wrestling and Alberto El Patron; the company recently took to their social media accounts in order to tell fans that El Patron has relinquished the Impact World Championship, with Bobby Lashley being renamed the champion due to move. You can check out a video of the former WWE champion forfeiting the title below.

This may a work, and would definitely be down to the somewhat controversial finish during the match; two referees were involved, with one counting a pin fall victory for El Patron, while the other saw that the new champ had hit Lashley with the belt in order to secure the victory. This led to Impact‘s authority figures seemingly ordering the new champ to give up the title, with Bobby Lashley then being renamed the World Champion.

However, according to a number of rumors that have been circulating since the star made his Impact debut, it may be down to the fact that El Patron doesn’t exactly like how he’s being booked. As some publications have speculated, the former WWE star didn’t exactly agree with being made World Champion straight away, with him wanting to gradually build up to the spot. With that being said, it looks as if he’s still set to be one of the promotions top stars for the next several months, with the video below showing that he’s set to take on Bobbly Lashley a second time for the Impact World Championship, although it’s unclear when this rematch will actually take place.