Last Word on Hockey presents The MnM Hockey Podcast. The latest addition to the stable of LWOH Hockey Podcast Content. Every week, Alex Metzger and Chace McCallum will share their thoughts on the week’s news, have a variety of guests from the world of hockey, and spend some time on original segments. Sit back, listen, and enjoy some NHL news, analysis, and discussion.

NHL Stanley Cup Finals

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Alex and Chace are back with another episode of the Mnm Hockey Podcast. Today, they start by discussing the Dallas Stars dropping Game 6 in a disappointing way. Unfortunately, the comeback could not be made. They look where the team goes from here. And what is needed going forward.

Additionally, they preview the NHL Stanley Cup Finals! The two teams have lots of interesting talking points. Alex and Chace highlight why this has the potential to be a very entertaining series. Breaking down how the Panthers and Golden Knights match up against each other.

Finally, they switch to Brad Treliving being named the new Maple Leafs General Manager. What does this mean for the team? Are any big moves going to happen? The guys give their opinions on all of it. However, they don’t touch on where Kyle Dubas went as that news hasn’t broke yet. Finally, they end the show with a game where Chace’s NHL history knowledge is tested.

Who are Alex and Chace? Alex and Chace are both from the Waterloo region in Ontario, Canada. Both of them grew up playing hockey and shortly after fell in love with analyzing it. Chace is a noted Leafs and Penguins fan, while Alex is a die-hard Senators fan. You can find Alex’s work at, including his other podcast, The Last Word on Sens Podcast. You can also find Chace’s work at

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