Last Word Media Feed Description

Welcome to the podcast network home for “Last Word on Sports Media.” This feed includes episodes of the “Last Word on Sports Media Podcast” with host T.J. Rives and his guests. TJ will tackle the most interesting topics in U.S. Sports Media, including:

  • what everyone is (or isn’t) watching in the ratings
  • the latest news and insight on everything from ESPN, to the over the air networks like: NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC
  • critiquing of the shows, the personalities and production

T.J. will be joined by prominent members of the Sports Media, as well as, other writers/critics/voices of the genre’ right here.

You’ll also hear other sports media themed podcasts appearing on this same LWOS Media feed, including:

  • George Ofman’s “Tell me a story I don’t know” series based on interviews with sports media members tied to Chicago and beyond
  • Mike Gill and Phil de Montmollin’s “Announcer Schedules Podcast” each week. Mike and Phil will let you know which broadcasters are calling and analyzing, which important games, give some critiques of what they are seeing and hearing and have special announcer guests, as well.

So, make sure to follow/subscribe to the “Last Word On Sports Media” feed for all of this interesting/diverse content where ever you hear your podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, Google, etc.!