Last Word on Hockey presents The MnM Hockey Podcast. The latest addition to the stable of LWOH Hockey Podcast Content. Every week, Alex Metzger and Chace McCallum will share their thoughts on the week’s news, have a variety of guests from the world of hockey, and spend some time on original segments. Sit back, listen, and enjoy some NHL news, analysis, and discussion.

Top 20 NHL Goalies

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The guys are back with a pre-recorded episode as they took most of August off. However, a massive trade did happen that the guys need to break down. Erik Karlsson is now a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The guys look at the trade from all angles and what it means for the league as well as the teams involved. Breaking down what may be one of the biggest moves of the offseason.

They then shift to their final top 20 list of the year. They have broken down all other positions. However, this one might be the toughest yet. The goalies list has always been so volatile. So with that in mind, the guys break down the top NHL goalies right now. The guys highlight exactly why they have each goalie ranked where they do, and discuss the differences between their lists. Overall, the lists have similar tiers. However, the guys do have some great debates regarding certain goalies.

Who are Alex and Chace? Alex and Chace are both from the Waterloo region in Ontario, Canada. Both of them grew up playing hockey and shortly after fell in love with analyzing it. Chace is a noted Leafs and Penguins fan, while Alex is a die-hard Senators fan. You can find Alex’s work at, including his other podcast, The Last Word on Sens Podcast. You can also find Chace’s work at

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