Jim Deshaies Loves Being Of Cubs TV

Chicago Cubs broadcaster Jim Deshaies is not an oddball, but he’s done some odd things during his long career in the game of baseball. He once put a curse on Jack Murphy Stadium, the previous home of the San Diego Padres.

“We had lost 11 consecutive games there. There was book store nearby and there was a section for witch craft or occult and saw a book on how to break a curse on a house.” Deshaies decided to read it, had what he called fellow knuckleheads Larry Anderson and Charlie Kurfeld join him. “The curse was you had to spit on these twigs, then light them on fire and speak an incantation.”

It worked! The Astros won.

Deshaies spent half his 12 year career pitching for the Astros, then another 16 as their TV analyst.

An opening in Chi-town

But suddenly, the Cubs job opened. Then analyst Larry Dierker became the teams’ manager and things happened quickly. Mark Grace lost his gig in Arizona. The Diamondbacks came hard after Bob Brenly, (who had been with the Cubs) and Len Kasper, the teams lead TV voice said how would you like to come here?” Deshaies said yes and for the last 11 seasons has worked with Kasper and most recently, Jon “Boog” Sciambi.

“Boog’s great. We have a lot of fun.”

The Cubs have had a fun and unexpected season. They’re in strong contention for a playoff spot, exceeding expectations. “This is what players always talk about. It’s what fans talk about…wanting to play meaningful games in September.”

That’s what the Cubs are doing and Deshaies is enjoying every minute of it.

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