ESPN's Jon Sciambi Equally Loves Cubs Role
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The most famous “Boog” most heard of growing up was John “Boog” Powell, the hulking first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles in the 1970s. But, there’s this generation’s “Boog”- Jon “Boog” Sciambi, the outstanding play by voice of the Chicago Cubs and ESPN Baseball.

Sciambi is himself hulking and a man with a passion for the game broadcasts and….shoes! Yes, shoes.

“I probably have about 120 pairs of shoes in my closet. It sort of mushroomed during Covid. I have a size 15 shoes so I can’t just find a pair of sneakers. It just sort of became a scavenger hunt.” When I responded it’s an interesting hobby Sciambi replaced, “It’s weird.”

What’s not weird is Sciambi’s call of a game.

Crisp, invigorating and with a voice that is booming at times. Sciambi became the Cubs TV voice in 2021 and loves Wrigley Field.

“Just that view, the architecture and beyond the ballpark, it feels like you’re being transformed back in time. And it feels completely brand new because it’s so beautiful and so special.”

And, then there’s the story of being in a bathroom on a very cold day at Wrigley Field when the incomparable Harry Caray walked in. Sorry, this is one you have to hear.

Sciambi has another passion; ALS also known as Lou Gehrig disease. Growing up in New York City Sciambi befriended a number of kids including Tim Sheehy.

“In ‘05 he was diagnosed with ALS and two years later he was gone! In the middle, because he and his wife, Katy were having so much trouble financially dealing with the cost of care, we decided to start to start a 501C3. Our little charity tries to raise money.”

The group pushed for a Lou Gehrig day and were successful. The most recent one was June 2nd.

Sciambi is best known for his work with ESPN baseball both TV and radio and this season he takes over as the voice of the World Series on ESPN Radio. Sciambi has been the voice of the Atlanta Braves and Florida Marlins and happened to be part of the broadcast team that fateful  night at Wrigley Field in 2003 .

It was the “Bartman” game, game 6 of the NLCS, when the fan appeared to interfere with a fly ball. It fueled the Marlins to win the series and ultimately the World Series. Boog recounts it all to us.

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